Baby Cockroaches: How to Remove Them and Prevent In Future

You may find that many animal babies look cute and adorable, but not a baby cockroach. The cockroaches look ugly and very creepy, whether it is a baby or an adult. You may presume that there is nothing to worry if the baby roaches are wandering around the kitchen and food storage areas.

Soon, you will find that those baby roaches have now become completely grown roaches.

Those roaches will scare you, bring a lot of germs in your kitchen and other areas of your home and affect the health life of your family. Baby cockroaches also signal that many other cockroaches have established a nest in your home and now you should think extermination.

This post will help you in understanding how to deal with cockroaches and how to remove them completely before their growth.

How to distinguish baby cockroaches from other insects?

It is really simple to identify the baby cockroaches. Just like other animals, baby roaches look like miniature roaches during their early age. Some baby cockroaches may not have wings during the miniature age, but they get it as they become an adult.

The baby roaches also get their natural color, when they become adults.

baby cockroach

Baby roaches get a lighter color than adult cockroaches and that’s why many people do not identify them. However, the color of a baby German cockroach would be darker than its adult counterparts.

You should never make a mistake of considering baby German roaches other insects.

Identifying cockroach eggs to remove them:

The female roaches create egg case, which is called oothecae. Most of the female cockroaches carry this egg case with them to protect the eggs stored inside that Oothecae. The female cockroach drops it as the eggs get ready for hatching.

There are four types of cockroaches and their eggs may also appear different. Check the details to recognize the eggs of all types’ cockroaches.

  • Oriental roach eggs:

The oriental cockroaches produce dark reddish-brown oothecae, which can be 8-10 millimeter in length. The egg case of oriental roaches contains up to 16 eggs. The oriental female cockroaches can produce up to 18 egg cases during her lifespan.

  • American roach eggs:

The American roach egg case looks like dark brown oothacae and it can be 8mm long. A female American roach can produce up to 90 egg cases during her lifespan and that’s why American roaches are available all over the world.

The female American roaches do not leave the egg case behind. It carries the oothacae until the baby roaches come out of the egg. Every American roach egg case contains up to 15 eggs and the baby roaches come out of the eggs between 24-38 days.

  • German roach eggs:

The German cockroach egg case is brown in color and it can be 9mm long. The female German roaches also carry the oothecae with them until the eggs are ready to hatch. Only one German roach oothecae can contain up to 50 eggs.

The baby German roaches become adults only within three months. The situation is quite troubling for you, if German roaches have established their nests in your property. Each German roach can produce up to 50 baby roaches, which can soon become adults and spread all around your property.

You should learn, how to get rid of roaches and apply all the useful techniques to exterminate German roaches as soon as possible.

  • Brown-banded roach eggs:

The brown-banded roach females produce reddish-brown oothecae. It can be 5mm long and a brown-banded roaches can produce up to 20 egg cases during its lifespan. Every brown-banded roach egg case contains 10-18 eggs. The brown-banded roaches require 6 months to become adult roaches.

baby cockroach

Now it will be easy for you to identify the eggs of roaches. You should clean that area immediately, as you see cockroach oothecae in your property. It is an indication of cockroach’s growth in your home and now you should think about calling the pest management service with roach killers.

How long baby roaches take to become adult roaches?

Baby cockroaches look quite different from their upper counterparts. Baby roaches don’t have wings, their color would be different and their size would be different. The baby roaches of different cockroach species take different time to become adults.

Some roaches develop wings and other molts within 3 months and become adults. There are also some cockroach species, which take at least four months to become adults. The temperature and environment also affect the growth of roaches.

Baby roaches may take a long time to become adults and develop molts, if the environment is not suitable for them.

Risks associated with baby roaches:

Baby roaches may look small in size and seem less harmful, but these insects are equally harmful as their adult counterparts. Baby roaches also prefer the same environment for living as adult roaches and these insects also wander around all the dirty places like sewer pipes, drain pipes and waste products.

These insects can soon become adults and produce more oothecae to grow their population. It is important to create a perfect plan for exterminating baby roaches so that you can protect your property against the roach attack.

There are many individuals, who would like to know can baby cockroaches bite? The answer is yes, because most of the roaches eat almost anything they find.

The roaches consume both organic and non-organic stuff and that’s why they can bite.

How to get rid of baby roaches?

The methods of killing cockroaches are same. You don’t need to hunt for new chemical or new methods. You can follow the basic ways of killing cockroaches and results will be impressive. Many people make mistake of ignoring the appearance of roach egg cases and baby roaches.

The roaches soon become adults and produce more roaches to increase their population.

You should call the pest management service on a daily basis to prevent your home and business against harmful insects like roaches. Regular cleaning can help you in preventing the growth of baby roaches inside your property.