Best Mouse Trap Reviews

Best mouse trap reviews to help you choose the right trap for your pesky inhabitant.

If only you could enjoy the antics of your pesky mouse friend like you do of Tom and Jerry on TV; unfortunately, that is not possible. If there is a mouse infestation in your home, then you need to rely on best mouse trap reviews to invest in mouse traps that work for your situation and house.

Yes, there is another option of calling the pest control services to eradicate the mouse menace. But that will cost lots of money. Why look for outside help when you can so help yourself. First and foremost focus on what a mice trap should have before you invest in the best mouse trap bait in the market.

The types of mice trap

Just as there are different kinds of mice, rats, and bandicoots, so also there are several types of mice traps available in the market.

  • Snap mouse trap – The oldest mouse trap in use even today, this trap only breaks the rodent’s neck and kills it.
  • Electronic mouse trap – A high voltage shock kills the rodent instantly. This is a no touch way of killing and highly economical too.
  • Multiple catch mouse trap – This trap is effective in catching several mice at a time. Here the mouse is not killed. You can release it.
  • Glue mouse trap – Another no kill trap which catches the mouse or rather the mouse gets stuck in the glue sheet, and it can be easily disposed of.

What is the best mouse trap?

Out of these types you need to determine, “what is the best mouse trap that works for your house?” You need to understand that killing mice can be a messy and revolting experience if you don’t use the right equipment and the right method. Therefore before you buy a mouse trap ask yourself the following questions:

  • Efficiency: How efficient is the trap? Will the mouse trap catch mice effectively and will it do its work regularly.
  • Humane: Is the trap humane? Do you want a trap that will kill the rodents painlessly and without much suffering?
  • Ease of use: Is it easy to use? Now, traps can be tricky; sometimes instead of tricking the rodent you end be with a finger caught in the trap or getting an electric shock. Hence the trap should be easy to use.
  • Not Messy: It shouldn’t be messy? You wouldn’t want to be confronted with a messy bloody sight just to eradicate a mouse.
  • Durable: Is it durable? You are doing it yourself to save some bucks, hence the trap too must be one that can render service for a long time.

Now that we are clear on what your expectations are from a mouse trap, it is time to focus on the best mouse traps in the market based on the best mouse trap reviews.

best mouse trap reviewsLet’s start with the most expensive traps on Amazon.

1. Pest No More Rodent Zapper is an electronic device to eradicate rodents

This is one of the most expensive best mouse trap which uses high voltage shock technology to eliminate rats and mice. It comes with an AC adapter. There is an alarm sound and a light to let you know if a capture has been made. You can also use 4D batteries to power the trap. Why should you consider this product is because it is environmentally safe and also completely safe around small children and pets as there are no harmful chemicals used.

Be it your basement, garage, kitchen, attic or for that matter any room, this product has been proven to be effective and is widely used in shops, warehouses and offices too.

This is a quick, mess free way of eliminating rats and mice by subjecting them to a high voltage electric shock. The little furry thing’s life gets extinguished almost instantaneously. This also makes disposal easy without you having to touch anything with your hands.

The few drawbacks with this trap though are that it can’t be placed in tiny crevices and nooks because of its shape and a short power cord. Sometimes there is a false alarm too.

2. Hoont Electronic Rodent Trap is an effective way to get pests

Another electronic mice exterminator which costs more than your typical mice traps but is a cleaner and more humane way of killing the pests. Just plug it in and keep a bait of your choice (or your mouse’s choice) and power it on. Now begins the waiting game.

The rodent will be jolted by a 7000 V shock the minute it steps into the trap killing it immediately. The indicator light will go on if a mouse is caught.

It is preferred by a lot of customers because it can be used equally well both indoors and outdoors. In addition to that, it has an extension plug-in indicator for hard to reach the area which tells you if a mouse has been captured or not. A perfect way to get rid of pests with no mess involved no need to touch and a safe method. The only drawback to this promising equipment is the lack of batteries and the high power voltage which is harmful to kids and pets.

3. Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Control Repellent

It is widely known that animals react negatively to ultrasonic sound not audible to the human ear. At the right frequency, it deters animals from coming anywhere near the source of the sound. Using this pest repellant is most advisable when you are traveling. This sound ensures that the pests leave their abode in 7-10 days.

Just plug it in and power it on to see the pests scurrying for their lives. This is a safe and effective way of getting rid of pests because it doesn’t involve any harmful toxins, chemicals, and hazardous sprays. They are totally maintenance free and a very cost effective way to get rid of not only mice but another pest too.

The only drawback in using these ultrasonic repellants are that they work efficiently only in a particular radius. As a result you will need to get individual sets for all your rooms, kitchen, garage, etc. you can read more about them in my ultrasonic repellers review article.

But if you are looking for budget friendly mouse traps then keep reading.

4. Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap (Pack of 12)

A much used, praised and successful mice trap, the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap is safe for home use. Manufactured by Victor who is well versed in the pest control this product will not disappoint when used correctly.

Wherever you have observed the mice, set up the pedal trap. Keep bait and wait for the mice to fall for it. Since there is no use of chemicals and poisons, the trap can be safely used in the kitchen and other areas frequented by small children and pets.

Disposing of the mice is easy too. Just lift the kill bar and throw the dead creature away. It is easy to clean the trap too. The best part is that it is made in the USA and comes with the FSC certificate which states that the trap is environmentally friendly. The trap can be reused.

By buying a pack of 72, you are ensuring a cost effective way of dealing with your pesky friends.

Probably the only drawback is that the trap can’t catch big mice because it is small.

Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap (Pack of 12)
List Price:$20.95
Price Disclaimer

5. Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack

This trap is easy to set up, easy to place the bait and easy to clean as it is made of durable polystyrene and steel. This trap is odorless and stain resistant, unlike the wooden traps. Your pack of 6 will ensure that you get rid of all the pests in one shot because it is believed that rats live in groups, so if have seen one, be certain there are some more out there.

When you use the Snap-E you can dispose of the mice without touching it; a clean and safe way to get rid of the pest.

The only disadvantage with this trap is that if the trap is not placed correctly, because of the smooth surface rats tend to slip off.

It pays to buy a pack of 6 because then you are eligible for free shipping and also you can catch more mice at the same time, instead of waiting to dispose of one and then setting it up again for another.

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack
Price Disclaimer

6. The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack (Intruder 30442)

The mice are getting cleverer, and they are coming up with means to escape getting caught. Hence mice trap manufacturers like the Better Mousetrap come up with features which will ensure that the spring is tighter and holds on to the mice with greater force.

With the Better mousetrap, there have been no cases of mice escaping ever. The mouse trap is super sensitive, and the slightest nosy behavior from a mouse will trigger it shut. There is no mess to clean and no unbearable odors to deal with.

The trap can be reused.

7. Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Bait station

Ok, so you want to see these little vermin die and not just get caught. The Protecta sidekick is a great bait station in that case. Made from impact resistant plastic, this bait station is tamper proof, so there is no accidental exposure of toxic bait to your pets and kids. Along with the T-rex rat trap, you can catch your mouse.

A rat or a mouse will eat the bait and go and dies elsewhere.

8. Catchmaster 75 M bulk economic insect and mouse glue boards

By themselves, they haven’t been found to be very useful on large mice, but when the enticing bait is placed in front of them, it is easy to catch mice. You can also use the glue boards along with other mouse trapping devices to ensure that the mice don’t escape.

The Catchmaster glue boards are inexpensive, easy to use. They can be disposed of without having to touch the mice. They are not reusable, and hence an economical pack is ideal when you are looking for long term relief from the troublesome disease spreading vermin.

This way the mice will not be killed by the board, but it will die of starvation eventually.

So now that we have seen both baits and mouse traps, we need to decide which is most suited for your home. Listed below are some advantages that mouse traps have over mouse baits.

  • Baits often contain hazardous toxins which are absent in traps.
  • Once the mice have eaten the bait, you can never be sure where the mice are until they are dead and the stench fills the house or surroundings. Whereas with the trap, you can dispose of the mouse there and then.

Tips for effective trapping

At times despite using the best mouse traps you might remain unsuccessful. Here are a few trapping tips that will make your endeavors successful.

  • Always place the traps where you notice the maximum mouse activity.
  • Keep as many traps as the number of mice you think exist. The more the number, the better the chances of catching some if not all the mice.
  • Always use the best mouse trap baits to lure the mice.
  • Don’t stop using the traps till you are completely sure that you got them all.
  • Use gloves to set the bait because mice and rats have very sensitive sense of smell and hence they can easily smell out human interference.
  • If you thought that mice are not interested in cheese then think again; it is peanut butter that attracts them. So do not keep cheese as bait instead opt for the best mouse trap bait which is designed to tingle the mice’s sense of smell and lure them into the trap.
  • Use bait sparingly as too much can arouse the suspicion of the rat or mice (they are intelligent beings you see). And also sometimes the mice can escape with the bait without getting caught.
  • You need to be patient when you are hunting the rat down. Do not remove the traps and baits if you don’t see results instantaneously.
  • Always place your mice trap against the wall for greater success because mice always move against the wall and hence the chances of their getting caught is higher.

best mouse trap reviewHopefully, this best mouse trap review has enlightened you to the best mouse traps available in the market and has made choosing a suitable mice trap far easier than before you read the review.