Boric Acid

If you think cockroaches are common household insects and they can’t cause any damage, you should get ready for some terrible health issues. Cockroaches have been living on this planet since the age of dinosaurs.

You can say that roaches are one of the remaining ancient creatures. These insects are renowned for living in the toughest conditions. They can survive for one week without their head and transport a large number of germs in your house or commercial place.

It is tough to remove the roaches completely from a property, but it is not an impossible task.

You should know which the boric acid roaches are and how boric acid is life-threatening for them.

Let’s explore essential details on boric acid and its effects on different species of cockroaches.

Is boric acid a pesticide?

Yes, it has been used as an insecticide for many decades. It is a household roach killer that is used by millions of people across the world.

Sodium borate salts and boric acid have got fame for killing cockroaches because the roaches get exterminated when they consume it or come in contact with this pesticide.

boric acid

The toxicities of borax, boric acid or its sodium salts depend on the quantity of boron and other toxic elements in these products.

It is not only harmful to the roaches, but it can also help you in controlling population of a wide range of insects. Many pesticide manufacturing companies mix boric acid and its sodium salts in a wide variety of pesticides to prepare a high-quality and highly effective pesticide.

Boric acid can be used for exterminating mites, spiders, molds, weeds and fungi. The acid has been an important ingredient of pesticides since 1948.

Many companies are still producing pesticides by mixing boric acid as a key ingredient.

What sort of products contain boric acid?

There is no doubt about the sole capability of boric acid as a roach killer, but it becomes more effective when mixed with other ingredients.

It can be found in products like tablets, liquids, pellets, granules, wettable powders, rods, dust and roach bait. The boric acid containing products are considered very effective insect pesticides for indoor uses.

You can use these products to clean pests off your home, clinics, hospital, restaurants, malls and other commercial buildings.

Many people also use the boric acid products for exterminating pests in outdoor areas like sewer pipes, sewage systems, garden, crops and the backyard areas. According to available details, there are more than 500 products that contains boric acid and it is legal to use it for pest cleaning in the USA.

You can also find some non-pesticide products that use the acid as a vital ingredient. These products are fertilizers, soil amendments, cleaning agents, personal care products, and laundry detergents.

Whether you are using the roach control pesticides that include it or non-pesticide products, do not use it without reading the instructions.

You can prevent exposure by following all the instructions and avoid hazards that may occur due to using boric acid products.

Why is it a notorious roach killer and an insect killer ingredient?

The boric acid has always been the first choice of people, who experience roach infestation in their property. There are many uses, and mostly it is used for killing pests like cockroaches and spiders.

It is the most popular roach killer ingredient. It has got its fame because insects like roaches die quickly when they eat it. It disrupts the stomach of insects and severely affects their nervous system. It can also cause external damage to the insects, which come in contact with this pesticide ingredient.

The experts do not suggest people to use boric acid or borax on crops because their borate salt can dry out the plants. This can be harmful to the crop, but it is quite helpful in controlling the growth of unnecessary plants of the field.

Can it do harm to your own health?

Boric acid is a pest killer, and it is not harmful to humans, but still you need to watch out on few things to avoid some serious health issues.

You should be more careful in your property after applying boric acid because you might take it through breathing, touching, eating or through your eyes – that’s of course if you don’t wash your hands after applying it.

It is important to close those sections of your property, where you have recently applied the boric acid or products that contains this indegrient.

How to recognize that you had a brief exposure to boric acid?

People presume that they can take proper care and avoid the exposure to it by sealing the area, where they have applied this ingredient. In fact the are many other ways that you might insert the acid into your body.

You may experience eye corrosion and skin irritation if the boric acid comes in contact with your skin. You may even accidentally consume Borax, if it were near food.

Eating such food may cause nausea, stomach aches, vomiting and other stomach issues like diarrhea. These health problems may occur when you consume the acid in small quantities.

What changes may occur in your physique if you inhale the acid?

The human body absorbs this acid quite rapidly if you consume it directly with any foodstuff. Your skin may not absorb it immediately, but the chances are high if the skin is damaged.

You may also absorb the poison if you inhale the acid mixed with dust particles. This pesticide ingredient does not cause some serious health issues. You may experience allergy for some time, but that’s it, nothing to worry about.

There is no proof found by the researchers regarding serious health damages caused by boric acid. Therefore, it is widely used in homes and restaurants to kill the roaches.

Can the acid cause serious health damage to the kids?

The chances of getting affected by pesticides always remain high during the early age. The experts suggests to keep the boric acid away from kids because they may taste or smell it.

This ingredient may cause serious health issue to the children and pets if they consume or smell it in excessive quantities.

Using the Acid as Effective Roach Killer

It is tough to kill all the insects simultaneously and destroy the roach nests with baby cockroach.

It requires an effective plan and the use of high-quality roach killers. We have listed a few effective home remedies, which you can use to kill the roaches and control their population.

  • Boric acid:

Most people use it to kill the largest roaches and control their population. One thing you should do before dusting the acid is locating the highly crowded walkways of the roaches.

Mostly, these insects wander in groups, and that’s how you can kill more than one at a time. Just dust it on their walkways, near the sink pipes and cracks of the furniture and walls.

Roaches will walk over the acid, and it will cling to their legs. It works as a poison, and it kills the roaches within a few hours. It can be an excellent home remedy for controlling the population of these bugs.

Cockroaches die almost instantly when they get in contact with water while they have poison on them.

  • Making the bait:

Boric acid will be available as a home remedy if you check the get rid of roaches article. This substance is very harmful to these insects, and it can also be used for preparing roach bait.

You should mix it with sugar and water to make the bait. Mix the whole solution carefully and then prepare tiny balls of the acid and sugar.

Spread those balls on roach accessible areas. Cockroaches will eat it and then get back to their nests. It will work as a poison and kill them within a few hours.

  • Borax:

Borax is another useful and workable slow poison for all types of roaches, which is prepared from boric acid. It can be available everywhere, and you should not miss a chance of using it.

It doesn’t kill the roaches immediately, so you should spread near the cracks in the furniture, walls, around the edges of sink, drains and bathroom holes. The roaches will come out of their nests during the nighttime.

They will come in contact with this poison, and this poison will decay their exoskeleton. It is a good home remedy to kill the roaches in their nests.

The roaches would get back to their nests after getting infected, and ultimately they will die.

Some other notable roach extermination solutions:

  • Bay leaves:

It should not be quite tough for you to find the bay leaves in the grocery stores. These leaves are widely used as a spice in many cuisines. The bay leaves improve the taste of several cuisines, but only a few people know that bay leaves can also kill the roaches.

You can just place a bundle of bay leaves near the kitchen sink or walkways of cockroaches. Cockroaches will consume it and die quickly because bay leaves work as a poison for these insects.

You can also prepare the powder of bay leaf and dust it near the nests of roaches. They will feed it and get exterminated quickly.

  • Cyper WP:

Every roach extermination expert praises the effectiveness of Cyper WP. It works as a contact killer for the roaches. The cockroaches can die immediately after coming in contact with this substance.

It is a cost-effective solution for roach extermination. You can mix Cyper WP in an adequate amount of water and then fill that solution in a sprayer. Now spray this solution on the highly crowded locations.

Try to locate the nests of roaches and spray Cyper WP over the nests of roaches.

  • Moth balls:

The moth balls are not only used for killing cockroaches but are also useful for extermination of other insects. You should get some moth balls and place them around the areas, where roaches wander during the daytime and nighttime.

It will take only a few days, and the appearance of roaches will get reduced. Moth balls are toxic for the roaches, and that’s why many people use them as bug killers.

  • Ammonia solution:

You can apply above given home remedies to kill cockroaches, which wander freely on the floor or in the cupboards. What about the roaches, which are hiding in the sink holes, drains, and other inaccessible areas?

The ammonia solution can help you with that. You should mix one cup of ammonia in a bucket of water. Now flush this water in the drains, where the roaches hide. The strong pungent odor of ammonia will remove the roaches from their nests and kill them immediately.

Insects in the drains and other poky areas will get killed right away and get flushed immediately.

The purpose behind sharing details on Boric Acid and other roach extermination solutions is only to inform you about how effectively you can kill these insects.

People often start thinking like do roaches bite or can they fly.

There is nothing to be worried about, just get the acid and use it in the suggested way to exterminate roaches quickly and effectively.