Everything You Want to Know about the Flying Roaches and Their Habits

There are many cockroach species and many of them have wings. It makes people think that all the cockroaches can fly. It is not a fact that all the cockroaches can fly. Many roaches have wings, but they can only crawl. These insects wander across different areas only by crawling. They can enter in the drains, sewers and other poky areas to escape safely. However, it is true that some cockroach species have a talent of flying.

They can utilize their wings to fly and glide. Your home may get affected by cockroach infestation, if you didn’t clean it for a long time. You should get details on which roaches can fly and how a flying cockroach can affect your property to remove them quickly.

Facts about flying cockroach:

There are above 3,500 recognized species of the roaches. The pest experts say that still many species of cockroach are unknown. Most of the roaches require a tropical atmosphere to survive and gain their natural habits. These roaches reside in the areas, where warmth and moisture is high so that they can survive. The USA is a home for 69 roach species.

flying cockroach

Most of these species are exotic roach species, which traveled through ships and other mediums to America. Around ten roach species are considered the native species in the USA. The insect experts have recognized six species of flying cockroach.

You may also have witnessed the cockroach flying incidents. Check the details regarding flying roach species to reveal more facts.

The flying roaches species:

There are six species of flying roaches and those species are explained below.

  • American roaches:

The American roaches are called moderate flyers because they can fly for short distances. These insects reside in the North American countries and that’s why many people think these are native insects of America. Actually, American roaches are native African insects. These insects had traveled to North America during the 16th century.

Of course, these reddish roaches can fly for a short distance and then they will crawl. The American citizens also call these roaches waterbug, but it doesn’t reside around the aquatic conditions. This insect prefers dark and warm areas to prepare nests and hatch up quickly.

The American roaches can fly only when their wings are developed. These insects can get fully grown wings during the adulthood and then they can fly. Both male and female American roaches can fly and cover a short distance by gliding in the air.

These insects prefer dump and warm areas to live and hide. So, you should search them in such areas to spot them and kill them.

  • Australian roaches:

The Australian roaches look similar like American roaches, but these insects are smaller than American roaches. Those who want to know can cockroaches fly, they should check the facts regarding Australian roaches. These roaches can be 1-1/2 inches long and they have a yellow strap around their head. This yellow band distinguishes Australian roaches from American roaches.

These reddish-brown roaches are common insects in Florida. The local citizens of Florida call it the palmetto bug because it looks similar to American roach.

The Australian roaches can fly only in warm weather. If the weather condition is different, then Australian roaches will crawl on the floor. These insects become quite irritating, when they fly. They can jump over the dining table and infect the food.

Their wings can easily cover the abdomen. Large wings help them in flying longer. That’s why these insects can be very harmful.

They will survive and multiply in your property, if products like book bindings, plant material and decaying material is in their access. You should keep your home or commercial property well-cleaned to prevent Australian roach infestation.

  • Brown cockroach:

This cockroach is also a member of Blattidae family and we have categorized it in the list of flying roaches because it can also fly. The insects say that the brown cockroach is originally native to Africa, but now it is distributed across the world. This roach prefers cold climates for survival.

It can easily live in the indoor locations and increase its population. It is a household pest, which can irritate you a lot by flying in the home. People often do the mistake of considering brown roach an American roach.

It looks similar to the American roach, but it is smaller in size. It can be 1.4 inches long and it can produce up to 24 eggs during one time.

  • Pennsylvania wood cockroach:

These roaches are also called wood roaches and these also look similar to American roaches. They have flat and oval body shape. They can be 1 to 1.4 inches long and their chestnut brown color differentiates them from American roaches. The adult Pennsylvania wood cockroaches seem tan due to the color of their wings.

flying cockroach

The adults have creamy white or transparent strip over the outer edge of their body. These roaches can also fly for a short distance. The male wood cockroaches have ability of flying, but these insects cannot sustain themselves in the air for a long time.

The male wood roaches get attracted towards the lights. They can fly for a while and hover around the light source. Female wood roaches cannot fly and they simply crawl on the floor. The male roaches can be found in groups.

You should keep the lights off during the nighttime because wood roaches can hover around it and spread a lot of roach poop.

  • Asian cockroach:

Blattella asahinai or Asian cockroach is not a native Asian insect, but now it is distributed in Southeast Asian countries. It is an omnivorous insect that can consume anything available to eat. These are dark brown roaches with brown stripes behind the head.

The first appearance of Asian roaches was recorded during 80s in the USA and then it was spread in Southeast states of the USA. These roaches have become famous for spreading a number of diseases.

They carry disease causing germs with them and they can easily affect the healthy atmosphere of your house or commercial area.

The Asian roaches are considered good flyers. They can easily fly up to 120 feet to reach distant locations quickly. Only adult roaches can fly because their wings get developed completely and become strong enough to glide. Asian roaches increase their population during the summer months. Their population reduces during the winter season.

These roaches get attracted towards bright light sources. The experts suggest that you should turn off the lights during summer months to get rid of roaches and prevent Asian roach infestation.

  • Blaberus giganteus:

This cockroach is also called Giant Cockroach because of its 7.5 cm long size. This is the largest neotropical cockroach because it weighs the most weight in comparison to other roaches. This cockroach has oval shape-flattened body and leathery forewings. This roach can fly and hover around cluttered areas. The female giant roaches do not take interest in flying.

These insects are found in Central American caves and they look very creepy because of their giant size. The baby roaches cannot fly and only the adult roaches of this species can fly.

It takes a long time to develop strong wings, which appear behind the abdomen of giant cave roaches.

Are flying roaches dangerous?

All types of roaches have creepy appearance. Many people get frightened by seeing roaches in the kitchen, bathroom, restaurants and other areas. All the flying roaches are omnivores, but they rarely bite humans. Some species of flying roaches were recorded to consume human flesh.

They eat everything, so you should keep them away from your home. These flying roaches can carry a lot of germs in your property. They can cause various diseases by spreading germs in your home. So, you should try to prevent their entrance in your property by applying the pest extermination methods.

What should you do to prevent flying cockroach infestation?

There are six cockroach species, which can fly and found in the USA and other parts of the world. Most of these roaches get attracted towards the bright light source. These roaches move out of their nests during the nighttime because they hide in the cold areas during the daytime.

You should keep the windows of your house or commercial place closed during the nighttime. Do not let anyone spread clutter in your property because all the roaches survive in the cluttered atmosphere. Keep the home, office, restaurant and outer space of your property properly cleaned to prevent flying roach infestation.

Only two or three types’ flying roaches can glide for a while. Most of them can sustain themselves for only a few seconds in the air. You should use the top roach killers to exterminate flying roaches and reduce their population.

The roaches will not spread germs in your property and you will be safe from roach bites, if you regularly perform the pest cleaning work in your property. Flying roaches can glide in the air and they can easily enter in your property through windows and other entrances. You can stop them out of your property by keeping the home protected.