Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator Guide

The cockroaches reside everywhere. These insects can easily survive in all sorts’ climate conditions and that’s why it is really tough to kill them. It becomes very important to call an exterminator for roach extermination otherwise they can create a number nests in the property and cause a considerable health damage.

Many people do not get free time from their jobs. They may not get enough time to call a pest cleaning service for roach extermination. They often search or how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator? It may seem difficult, but it is not impossible.

You should know an accurate way of spotting roach nests and removing them. The roaches will be out of your property, if you know it and that way is explained below.

Spot the walkways of roaches:

You will mostly find the roaches in the kitchen, around the garbage can and in the bathroom. Cockroaches prefer living in dark and cold areas. They also establish their nests in such areas to survive for a long time.

Of course, it will be difficult to monitor all the rooms in the home every day just for spotting walkways of roaches.

You can easily watch them anytime in your property and mark that location in your mind. The knowledge regarding the walkways of roaches would be useful, when you will spread the roach killers to exterminate them.

Find the roach nest:

Once you know the walkways of roaches, now get ready to spot their nests. Some people may say that there is no need to waste the time in finding the roach nests, just spread the roach killers and the task is done. You may kill a few roaches by using roach killers, but a lot more will come back from the nests.

Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator Guide

There may be cracks in the walls, easily accessible drain pipes and sewer lines around your property, where roaches may establish their nests. Spray a large amount of roach killers to destroy the nests of roaches. It will work and you will remove the safe dwellings of roaches.

Spread roach killers on high crowd areas:

The high crowd areas are those spots in your property, where many cockroaches wander to find food. The cockroaches mainly target the kitchen cabinets, table tops and other areas, where they can find food particles. You should not forget to spread the roach killers around the garbage can and cluttered areas to kill the roaches.

Use a high-quality roach killer to get rid of roaches because many companies produce poor quality substances that may cause harm to your pets and kids.

The way of preventing roach infestation for a long time:

You can kill the cockroaches and remove their nests, but it is quite difficult to prevent their entrance into the property. Many people call the pest control services and remove all sorts’ insects. Soon they find that insects are again infesting in their properties. It can also happen to you because your neighbors may have a lot of cockroaches in their homes.

Those cockroaches can easily access your property and again reside here for a long time. You can do a few easy things to stop roach rehabilitation in your property and those things are:

  • Maintaining cleanliness inside and outside the property:

It is very important to keep the house, restaurants, shops and other commercial areas cleaned all time. The cockroaches would never survive on your property, if they will not find waste food, garbage and other cluttered things.

You can visit the kitchens and dining areas of high-class hotels and restaurants and observe that they frequently clean these areas. It helps them in preventing roach infestation.

  • Never leave the waste food in the plates:

People do lunch and dinner and place the plates directly in the kitchen sink. Many people do not remove the waste food into the garbage can. They wash the plates and flush the waste food in the sink drains. Cockroaches reside in the sinks and they wait for waste food.

Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator Guide

Flushing the cooking waste in the kitchen sink can be a big mistake because thus you can never starve the roaches. So, clean the plates effectively before doing the dish.

  • Seal the cracks:

You may know it very well that the cockroaches reside in the cracks of the walls, furnitures and other things. You can easily spot roach droppings around such cracks and spot their dwellings.

You should first spray the roach killers in the cracks to kill the roaches and then seal those cracks effectively.

Thus, the roaches will never find a safe place for hiding and living. Sealing some cracks can be a difficult task, so you should spray roach killing agents like boric acid or bay leaf powder to kill the roaches. These substances are life threatening for the roaches.

  • Do not be kind to baby roaches:

It may seem difficult to distinguish a baby cockroach from other insects because it will not have wings and other features like adult cockroaches.

You can identify them by their oval shaped body and color. You should never ignore the appearance of baby roaches because they take only two to three months to become adults. Baby roaches can also carry a lot of germs and affect your healthy life. So, kill them immediately, as you see them.

  • Clean the garden, lawn, patio and backyard effectively:

Places like patio, garden, lawn and backyard can have a lot of places for the residence of roaches. The cockroaches can easily develop their nests in such areas. You should clean these places effectively to prevent inhabitation of roaches.

You should also spread the roach killers in these areas to kill the roaches. Thus, you can kill the roaches fast without an exterminator.

It is difficult to exterminate the pests without taking support of an exterminator, but sometimes you need to do it. Exterminating roaches would be very easy, if you apply the suggested methods. It will take only a few days and your home will get cleaned.

The roaches will never return to your home, if you apply the suggested ways.