Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait: An Easy To Use Roach Killer

Roaches get into your home looking for water and are most often seen near sources of water (like bathroom and kitchen). This may be because a cockroach can stay alive for up to 4 weeks without food.

However, it can survive for just one week without water. The Hot Shot roach bait attracts cockroaches very much since it combines the water source they need with the food source, delivering a deadly dose speedily.

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Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait, 6-Count
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This effective bait draws roaches to the bait, containing pesticide. The active ingredient used in the Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait is ‘Denotefuran.’ It is a common pesticide and is quite safe to be used in homes as it contains no known carcinogens.

This pesticide does not have any serious side-effects in the human population. This pesticide formula is an excellent combination of food and water, and that is why it is quite attractive to roaches.

This dosage is very lethal for roaches.

We’ve come up with this hot shot roach bait review after taking into consideration many roach killers comparisons available on the internet on authoritative sites.

Place the bait near water resources in your homes like the bathroom and kitchen. Roaches are primarily seen near water and food sources. Set the bait at off-the-way-locations so that pets and children do not come into contact with it.

You can put the bait inside cabinets, in closets or under refrigerators. This bait is effective for three whole months. If it is older than three months, and you still have roaches at your place, replace it with new bait.

This product should be used in a manner consistent with Federal’s Law as specified in its label. Pull tab located on the side of bait station to break a seal. Place bait stations in the places where you have seen roaches, out-of-the-way so that pets and children cannot reach it.

Place it near the walls in cabinets. Under closets and refrigerators. Place up to five bait stations in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. Any area that is heavily infested needs extra baits.

Let them stay permanently in their place and check them every one month if the bait is present or not. Replace the bait every third month to avoid any encounter with roaches.


  • The Hot Shot Roach bait provides you with six bait stations for an active killing power.

This potent bug destroyer kills insects and their eggs in their nest in as less as 24 hours. The formula in Hot Shot Mini Ultra Liquid Roach Bait makes the traps irresistible to cockroaches. It kills roaches so fast in 24 hours.

  • The formula contains both food and water to contribute to making it attractive to the roaches.

This Bait works quickly and destroys the roach-nests in a systematic fashion.

  • The Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait contains a slow-acting insecticide, with the aim of enticing the pest, and after they’ve consumed the bait, giving them enough time to return and share the toxin with other pests.
  • There are several other advantages of this formulation; like, it is readily accessible and comparatively inexpensive.

You do not need to dilute it or mix it with anything else; no need of any prep-work, or any other pre-use preparation – the bait comes ready to use. Another great thing is that this bait comes in a pet and child safe container – so it’s very safe to store and use.

  • This high-quality bait formulation kills roaches and their eggs in hours.

It destroys them at the spot of their breeding. All species of cockroaches including both small and large roaches get exterminated by this bait.

hot shot liquid roach bait review

Every pack of Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait comes with six bait stations. The liquid bait is provided with advanced technology – a quick kill formula. It contains both water and food so it can be called a dual bait.

Pros and cons:


  • Easy to use

The Hot Shot Roach bait is quite easy and convenient to use. The kit comes with both food and water; so, you just have to put baits in different positions, and your house will be secured.

No need of any groundwork, no need to dilute or any prep-work before application of the bait in your house. You just open the container and place the bait ion strategic spots.

  • High performance

The performance of this product is highly appreciable. The product can control even large infestations. Regular use of the bait will prevent bugs from entering your home.

You’ll have to examine baits once in a month and replace them if dried. Otherwise, replace it after an interval of three months. Put a few extra baits if the infestation is high.

  • Dual attack

This bait is a mixture of both food and water, and that is why it is more attractive to bugs.

  • Complete control

This product offers a complete care and control against a broad range of species of bugs and roaches. It kills bugs with the eggs they carry. In this way, it decreases the count of bug and ceases its reproduction cycle as well.

This method is very effective for long term usage.

  • Easy on inventory

Roach Killers comparison with other insecticides or pesticides clears out that how easy it is in your inventory. You just need to buy a single thing, and that is more than enough.


  • The product is poisonous in nature.

Always follow instruction manual before using this product. It can be dangerous for you, your family, kids, and pets. A few extra precautions will keep all of you safe.


Hot shot liquid roach bait is an extremely efficient and easy to use roach bait. It comes with six bait stations making application of the product at your home very easy.

It contains both food and water which are both essential to lure the pests towards itself. The roaches consume the bait eagerly and thus transports it to other roaches that consume its carcass.