How To Get Rid of Ants – Complete Guide Written by Professional

Ants, by nature, are known to live in hives and are hence known as hoarders. They look for crumbs and foods in order to store for the future. Usually, they can travel a long distance in order to secure the food for sustenance.

In a house, there are a lot of instances where food can be found on the floor or sometimes in corners. If you provide that to them, they score permanent residence in the house.

The queen lays around a thousand eggs and expands the already existing colony every passing day. The only way to curb this is to use some kind of bait and wipe out the colony.

Without the use of bait, it is a daunting task to kill the colony of ants. There will be at least one or two ants that will survive and expand the colony again.

The ant-colony is not limited to one in a household; it is always either ten or hundred depending on how frequently food can be found on the floor.

The baits work effectively in curbing these infestations. They are made of a sugary substance that is rich in its sweetness factor combined with the poison that is needed to kill the ants. It is mostly made of boric acid but can vary based on the manufacturer.

how to get rid of ants

The baits are tactical in the sense that they attack the ants in their most vulnerable areas, sweetness. The ants carry the food coated with the ant poison to their colony and pass it on to other ants to eat as well, this is ensured by limiting the time of the reaction of the poison.

It reacts in a time frame where the ant can take the food back to the colony. Once the food is near the colony, the ants are attracted to it at any cost. Hence consumption is a given.

The bait works in the period of three days to three weeks, ensuring that all the ants partake in the consumption of it and in turn, causing their death.

There are lot baits that are available in the market, but we are going to tell you the best answers to the question “how to get rid of ants?”

Ants form a group and nibble on food; this may trigger some kind of phobias, especially trypophobia in people. The baits when used, cause similar reactions in the people.

It is better to ask for help from someone if you have any such fear triggers. You should also read my best ant killer review.

Advion Ant Gel Bait

After trying multiple ant poisoning products, we found out that this is the best answer and the first product that comes to mind when someone asks how to get rid of ants to combat ant-infestation.

It takes not more than three hours to attract ants and start the process of absolute obscurity for the colony of ants. These products are expensive and have a base of indoxacarb packed in single sachets.

These can cost up to $16. Indoxacarb that is present in the bait has been considered to be the most effective and speedy results providing substance to kill ants. It has a sweet, sugary smell.

It functions meticulously and resembles the functionality of boric acid. It is potent enough to contaminate the entire colony in limited amounts of time.

Some people suggested that the usage of foil or other moisture absorbent traps is more effective and gives an even better result, but don’t worry if you run out of all these items you can still use a thin layer of gel on the food.

If we place the bait precisely at the mouth of the nest, it will give the best results, and we can see the plan in action. We must try to make the food as deliciously inviting as possible.

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TERRO Ant Killer Dust

All over the online sphere, the talk is that this is one of the most effective products in combating an ant infestation. It is made with a base of deltamethrin in its composition. It lasts as long as eight months.

It can also combat other insect growth like boxelder bugs, Firebrats, spiders, crickets, wasps, ticks, and silverfish. It doesn’t wash away with rain as it is water repellent. One pound of the product can serve up to an area of 2000 sqm. ft.

It has a price of around $8. You just need to use it at one station where the ants are most active, and it will do its job for you. The effective ingredient in it is borax; it doesn’t kill immediately.

It waits for the ant to reach the destination before the poison’s effects kick in. It is recommended by a lot of people for its effectiveness and swift killing properties.

Combat Source Kill Max A2 Ant Killing Gel

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, 60 Grams
List Price:$6.97
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If there is a large number of ant colonies in your house, this is the product to use. Combat Source Kill Max A2 Ant Killing Gel can eliminate them effectively. The best way to use it is to put it in the path of the ants and let it come in contact with the ants.

Fipronil, a slow killer, is an ingredient used in the gel. It is effective if the queen ant comes in contact with it, the poison will then automatically spread to other colonies. This also attracts the ants on their own with its sweet smell.

Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer

List Price:$14.06
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The Raid 11717 Ant and Roach Killer is a quick knockdown insecticide and is widely known for its residual effects. It is popular among insecticides. As any spray, it contains synthetic pyrethrin, that is extracted from a rare plant called chrysanthemum.

If the ants come in contact with it, they die immediately. For the spray to last long enough, it is coated with an oil like petrochemical. The spray is moist and effective up to ten days. The application needs to happen regularly.

It is effective only when you know the exact placement of the colony of ants in the house. It doesn’t kill the queen otherwise.