How to Get Rid of German Roaches

How to Get Rid of German Roaches without Using Harmful Chemicals?

One of the most common types of roaches is German roaches. This roach easily survives in the North American countries. It can be tough to remove German roaches, if they have nested in your home, restaurant or office.

Thinking like I have a clean home and the German roaches can’t survive in my home, is wrong. The German roaches can easily survive in a clean atmosphere. These are disease spreading roaches that set up their nests in kitchen cabinets, near the indoor food and shelter sources.

As mentioned earlier, killing German roaches and removing their nests can be a tough task. Many people get frustrated by applying normal pest cleaning methods and think that getting rid of roaches is fast and easy. They search for the solution and the solution can be available here.

Preparation for German roach extermination:

German roaches easily survive in extreme conditions. It is a property they have got to improve their population. However, some effective cures can be applied to kill German roaches.

It requires proper preparation and complete knowledge about the habits of German roaches. Usually, professional pest controllers know such details. You can also learn it by reading below given information.

how to get rid of german roaches

Thoroughly clean your kitchen and food storage before using the best roach killer. These roaches require a very small amount of food to survive and increase their population. You should reduce the chances of their survival by cleaning the kitchen and food storage.

Always through the kitchen garbage out and keep the garbage can and trash can cleaned. The roaches can find waste food inside the dumpsters and eat it to survive. You should never flush the waste food in the kitchen sink.

Try to remove waste food in the garbage can and pack it completely. People through waste food in the sink and flush it. That food gets stuck in the drains, which becomes an easy to access aliment for the roaches.

You should be habituate of cleaning dishes regularly. Never leave the dinner dishes in the kitchen sink. Roaches can hover over it and eat the remaining food of dishes. If you use kitchen appliances like toasters, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and stoves, clean them on a daily basis.

These kitchen appliances may contain food that may become the meal of roaches. Wash the food bowl of your pet daily. Clean pet food before you go to sleep. It would be great if you sweep your home before sleeping because no food particles would be there for the meal of roaches.

Recognizing the places to place insecticide:

Before you know how to kill German roaches, you should have knowledge regarding where to hunt them. You can kill most of the German roaches in your home, if you know their runways and harborages.

You may need to spend some hours in the search of German roaches with a flashlight. Get ready for it because it is the only way of finding and killing these pests.

Commonly, German roaches reside in cracks and crevices of the property. You should also check the space behind and below the refrigerator, below the stoves, behind and inside the microwave and toasters.

how to get rid of cockroachesThe roaches can also create their nests below the table tops, kitchen tops, under the sinks and cabinet corners. These areas should be inspected carefully to find and kill the German roaches.

In case, you don’t find the German roaches around the mentioned areas, search them inside the electrical outlets, cash registers, vegetable bins, telephones, recycling bins, meat counters, meat cutting blocks and around the narrow spaces of your property.

Finding the nest and runways of roaches would be the first step towards their extermination. If these locations are recognized, you can apply the treatment to remove them.

Natural remedies for German roaches:

Before calling professional pest controllers, you should know that you can use natural roach killer to exterminate German roaches completely. There are several home remedies that you can prepare at home and use to kill roaches.

It will take only a few minutes to prepare those home remedies. Once prepared, you can spread it over the runways and harborages of German roaches. The best natural roach killer remedies are:

  • The coffee aroma-water trap:

Yes, it is a trap to lure and catch the German roaches. These roaches get attracted towards the smell of coffee powder. This tendency of the roaches can be harmful for their own life. You just need a glass jar and a bowl to place coffee powder in it.

First place the coffee container in the glass jar and then fill the jar with water. Do not completely fill the jar with water because coffee container may float and stay near the edge of the jar. You can place a heavy stone in the coffee container to keep it in the middle.

Once, the trap is prepared, place it around the runways and harborages of roaches.

The alluring smell of coffee powder attracts roaches. It won’t take much time to bring the German roaches out of their nest. You can stand around the trap to identify the nests of roaches, but before that wait for the operation of roach trap.

The roaches will roam around the trap and jump in the jar to find coffee. Consequently, they will get trapped and killed in the water. If the nests of roaches are found, you can apply other pesticides to destroy the nests of roaches.

  • The boric acid and flour mix:

Applying a trap is a good idea, but there is no guarantee that any trap would work faster than the boric acid and flour mix solution. Mix one tablespoon boric acid into one tablespoon flour perfectly.

Now mix one teaspoon sugar in the mixture and mix it by using some quantity of water. Try to prepare the dough and mix all the ingredients effectively. Start creating dough balls, if the dough is prepared.

get rid of german roaches
Create small balls and place all of those balls near the places like sinks, inside kitchen cabinets, below gas range, near the oven, toasters and microwave oven. You can also place these balls below the table top and around the drain openings.

The boric acid, flour dough should be placed at all the locations, where German roaches roam or reside. Do this daily for three weeks. You should be careful, if you have kids and pets in your home. Seal the room or kitchen to prevent access of kids and pets.

The German roaches will come out of their nests, eat the boric acid dough and die immediately. This natural roach remedy has been applied in many restaurants and homes. People have got positive results because the number of roaches decreases significantly day by day.

  • Cucumber trap:

Probably, you want to know that how to get rid of German roaches fast. We can explain many methods for killing the roaches, but cucumber trap is a tested method. It is a trap that works faster than many other roach killing remedies.

roach cucumber trapYou need cucumber peels and an aluminum container to prepare this trap. Place the cucumber peels inside an aluminum container. Now place that container near the runways of roaches. The German roaches will walk inside the trap and get killed immediately after tasting cucumber peels.

  • Bay leaves:

Whether these German roaches or other types’ roaches, bay leaves effectively prevent the users from roach bites. We are not suggesting you to spread bay leaves around the nests of roaches.

It would be a wrong idea because this won’t affect the population of roaches. Take some dry bay leaves in a grinder and grind them to prepare their powder. Now, pour the bay leave powder in a bowl and spread is over narrow areas, where roaches reside.

The roaches will come out, taste bay leaves and die immediately.

  • Use ammonia as kitchen cleaner:

You must maintain hygiene in your kitchen to prevent the survival of pests like roaches, rodents, flies and ants. Of course, it is always not that easy to clean the kitchen, when you have a party in your home, or if it is a large kitchen of a restaurant.

There is a solution that you can apply to keep the roaches away from your kitchen. You should daily clean the kitchen top and other areas of kitchen with water-ammonia mix. Ammonia kills roaches and it remains longer on the hard surfaces.

You can skip the cleaning task for one day, but apply ammonia water mix every time you clean the kitchen.

Above explained methods are tried by various people and all of them have gotten positive results. Some remedies can offer instant result and some remedies may take time to kill the German roaches. Apply every suitable method time by time to thoroughly remove German roaches from your house.

There are also some other home remedies and traps for roaches, but they don’t work as effectively as the remedies we have explained in this post. So, try the suggested methods and your kitchen will be a roach-free kitchen.