How to Get Rid of Roaches

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Bed bugs, insects, mosquitoes, flies, and rats are a few types of pests, which exist in domestic and commercial places. These pests can cause both financial and health damages, which may later increase your expenses.

You can find a workable way of dealing with these pests, but removing roaches from your home can be a quite daunting task. People often hire pest control services to exterminate roaches. People often try to terminate roaches by applying some home remedies or pesticides.

It can be risky because pesticides should be used by expert people and should be kept in a safe place. If still the problem is not solved, people start thinking how to get rid of roaches without using any harmful chemical. You might be interested in ultrasonic pest repellers review I wrote here.

Before knowing the cure, you should pay attention to the causes of roach infestation and the ways of detecting roach infestation.

What does cause roach infestation?

There are many ways through which the roaches can attack your property. They hunt for the properties in which they can enter through narrow gaps of the doors and windows or through the pipes. Roaches may appear like a large bug. When it comes to hiding, these large roaches can also run inside a very narrow passage.

how to get rid of cockroachesThat’s how these roaches survive. It is not completely true that roaches can survive only in messy areas. These pests require warmth and dark places to grow their population. Your property is under attack of roaches, if your home offers suited atmosphere for the survival of roaches.

Some renowned causes of roach infestation are as follows:

  • Unhygienic domestic environment:

Of course, roaches not only survive due to poor hygiene in domestic areas, but such an area lures many pests. You should clean your kitchen and home daily to prevent attacks of roaches. Even the best roach killer would not provide effective aid, if your home is full of mess and clutter.

  • Irregular pest control:

How many days ago you had called the pest control service last time? If you haven’t called the professional pest controllers for a long time, your home may have become a safe house for many pests. Many types’ bugs might be residing in your kitchen, bedroom, living room and other parts of your home.

Irregular pest control is a big reason that causes roach infestation in residential areas and that’s why you should take support of exterminators regularly.

  • Uncovered food containers:

Roaches hover around food containers, which are not covered. Open food attracts roaches and they get nutrition through the uncovered meal to survive. You can prevent this cause and cover food stuff to prevent attack of roaches.

  • Drain pipes and crevices:

If your home is clean, then roaches can enter in your property through drain pipes. Mostly roaches hide inside the drains and these narrow pipes become their home. They live there, survive there and roam in your home to infect the meal.get rid of roaches

The roaches can multiply quite faster. At the start you will see only a few roaches, but soon their force will be ready to attack your property. These pests can survive under extreme conditions and infect your house for a long time.

It is important to apply the ways of removing roaches as soon as possible. If you don’t take an action now, soon you will require support of a pest control service to kill the roaches.

How would you know that now the roach infestation is a severe issue in your home?

If the roaches have spread all around your home and causing damage to your health, you can recognize it by several signs. You can see the shell casing of roach eggs in kitchen cabinets and other areas. There would be a musty odor in your house due to severe infestation.

Dead roaches would be visible in different corners of your property. In addition, the roaches will sprint on the floor during the daytime, if their population is too large. You should not ignore these things because the population of roaches can get doubled, if the cure is not applied quickly.

high-quality-how-to-get-rid-of-cockroaches-in-bathroom-11-how-to-get-rid-of-house-roaches-345-x-345-300x300You may not like to apply harmful chemicals in your house for pest control. You may search or how to kill roaches naturally because natural remedies can also provide effective support. We have listed some of the best natural remedies to kill roaches.

Check below given details to find the best treatment for roach infestation.

  • Use bay leaves:

The bay leaves can be easily available in every home. It is used as an ingredient to improve the taste of meals and you can find it in grocery stores. Many people do not know that bay leaves can also be used for prevention of roach infestation.

Create some bundles of bay leaves and place them near the areas, where roaches roam. You should place these leaves near narrow passages of doors, windows, drain pipe openings and crevices. It will help you in reducing growth of roaches and soon this will prevent attack of roaches in your house.

  • Moth balls:

When it comes to preventing the growth of several pests together, mothballs are the best option. You don’t need any chemical or other pest cleaning agent to remove the roaches. Just place a few moth balls in the kitchen and near the drains.

Place these balls inside the cupboard, kitchen cabinets and near narrow areas, where the nests of roaches can be found. Moth balls can easily prevent the growth of pests. However, these balls can also be harmful for humans. Make sure that these balls are away from your kids and pets because it can severely affect their health.

  • Ammonia solution:

Most of the time roaches like German roaches hide in drain pipes, sinks and other inaccessible areas. People get confused that how to kill German roaches quickly. Well, you don’t need to remove all the pipes and drains of your home.

Just use the ammonia solution to kill them immediately. It is called the best home remedy to kill roaches. Mix one cup ammonia in one bucket water and then flush the drains and sinks with this mix. It will kill all the roaches hiding in the drainpipes and sinks. The strong smell of this solution will also destroy the roaches, hiding in the nests.

  • Listerine:

Most of the people admire Listerine because it is a renowned mouthwash. However, many people don’t know that it can also be used to kill the roaches. You should pour Listerine in one glass water and then spray it over the nests of roaches.

mouthwash-930617_640You can use this solution around the areas, where you have seen roaches. This solution will work like a toxin to kill the roaches. Their nests will get desolated and you will get a safe home to live.

  • Mint oil:

Are you aware of the places, where roaches reside in your home? These places can be the drain pipes, the rifts and crakes of furniture, sink holes and bathroom tunnels. Spray the mint oil directly over these places.

You should never miss an opportunity of spraying mint oil directly over the roaches. It will kill them and destroy their nests. Consequently, you will get a roach free home to enjoy your time.

  • Cedar:

Cedar is a tree, which is found in the mountains of the western Himalaya. This tree offers various products that you can use at your home. You can buy cedar balls and use these balls to prevent attack of pests like roaches.

Buy a packet of cedar balls and place these balls inside the cabinets and cupboards. There will be no roach infestation and harmful roaches will never form nests in clean areas. The cedar balls can also prevent attacks of demits and bed bugs, so use it to remove pests out of your home.

  • Bleach:

Many experts suggest bleach, when people ask for the prevention of roach bites. Mix bleach with clean water and pour the mixture into a spray container. Now spray bleach-water mix around the infested areas.

Apply it in the kitchen, bathroom and other places where you had seen the roaches. This solution will kill the roaches immediately, if they are hiding in kitchen cabinets, sinks, bathroom drain and inside the rifts. Bleach can be available everywhere and you should use it daily to prevent infestation of roaches in your house and restaurant.

  • Petroleum jelly traps:

Is it possible to catch the roaches without killing them? Yes, it is possible and you must use the petroleum jelly traps to catch the roaches in your house. Line-up a few jars, filled with food. Apply petroleum jelly around the edges of the jars and leave this trap for the whole night.

The roaches will jump inside the jars and never get escaped due to petroleum jelly.

So, these are some effective ways of removing roaches. Probably, now you would not ask how to get rid of roaches because above mentioned solutions will help you in finding and killing roaches thoroughly in your house.