How To Get Rid of Termites – A Complete Guide About Killing Termites

Termites are very small insects but they are large in numbers, and this makes them dangerous for your house and your household stuff. If you see any single termite in your house, then caution should be taken at that point.

It is always better to stop them when they are very few otherwise you will spend your most of the time in finding out how to get rid of termites. Besides this, there are two ways of killing them i.e. naturally and the second way is to use chemicals for it.

Well, both of the ways are good, but there are some exceptions in both the ways.

  • If the termites are widespread, then natural methods are not going to help you, but if they affect only a small part like a chair or any piece of wood then natural methods are enough.
  • Also, the killing methods are highly depended on the type of termites you have in your house as some will go away with common or household methods while some need professional attention.

So, how to kill termites?

We talked about the natural and chemical methods, and we discuss both of them one by one. Due to this, you will get correct information about it.

Natural ways

Here are natural ways which help in killing termites. Also, keep in mind that they may or may not work, but most of the people use it:

Kill female termites with the help of a cupboard

Female termites give birth to their offspring’s which increase their number and thus lead to infestation in wide area. One way to stop them is to kill these female termites, and then the number of termites will reduce on their own.

get rid of termites

Just get a cardboard and place it in the area which is infested, the aroma of the cardboard attracts them and when they get trapped in your planned tarp, take them away and burn them.

  • Be patients while you use them because it takes time to work. Leave it for a day and the check it on the next day.
  • Try to use a wet cardboard because it is effective than the dry one. This is because water increases the cardboard aroma.

Garlic oil, clove or neem

Bitter things and herbs like garlic and clove are enemies of the termites. All of them have some essential chemicals in it which are poisonous for them and thus kill them. If you have small children’s in your house, then this method is great because all of them, have no adverse effect on human body and it will not harm them.

These methods are similar to ones used in killing roaches naturally.

  • Try to make a mixture of them or mix all the three oils for increasing their effect. Also, use a sprayer to apply them.
  • You can also use single oil, but it is not effective as the above one.

Keep your place free of moisture

Have you ever think why you have seen these termites around areas which are mainly wet? These insects like moisture and thus they get attracted to it. Then they will feed there and become more in number.

  • At first, fix any leaked area or regularly mop the area where there is more water like your kitchen.
  • Avoid any leakage or water retention because it will also lead this problem.
  • Also, most of the houses are made up of wood, and thus water around them will be an invitation for termites.


Salt has been used from ancient times when such type of insects bothers people. This is because salt has a property to burn their skin and thus kill them. Besides this, any salt is just enough for them. When you see a bunch of termites then take a hand full of termites and pour it on them. This simple step will vanish them plus it is very economical also.

  • You can also use salt as a prevention as just sprinkle the, around your house and they will not be able to enter into your house.
  • Granulated salt is mainly used, and it is effective in this condition.

Besides all of this, nematodes, vinegar, sunlight and botanical treatments are also useful natural methods.

Chemical ways

The other method is using chemicals for them. Well, this is a tool of professional pest controllers, and it will sure offer your results, but from the health perspective, it is not that good. But if the termite problem is huge then this will only go to help you. So, here are best ways to kill termites using chemicals.

Liquid soil treatments

In this treatment around some chemicals are used in it. Fipronil, chlorfenapyr, and imidacloprid are the names of chemicals used in it. These chemicals work best because they directly attack on the termite’s nervous system and within fourteen to fifteen days, all of them will dead.

Bait stations

This is actually a chemical which is similar to the above one but it is more toxic, and due to the chemical they are not able to molt and thus this lead top their death. Well, this method should not be used by the common people because there are some safety issues are associated with it which make this condition worse for choose who are not professionals.


This is another method in which toxic fumes are used to kill termites. Sulfuryl fluoride is the chemical used in it and when these termites inhale this chemical and it will cause their death. This technique is mainly used in houses where it is hard to use chemicals in liquid form directly.

So, this is all about killing termites with natural and chemical methods. Termites can be annoying but at the same time they lead huge damage in your house, and thus they need to be killed. After this, let’s talk about the products or termite sprays to kill them.

Top sprays for termites

Premise foam

This spray is made up of 5 herbs which are not liked by pests. Also, these five ingredients make this spray super powerful, and with just one or two application, you will see results.

Imidacloprid formulation is used in it which is effective in the infestation treatments. Also, the product design is unique as with a small pipe or straw at the end of the product will help you to spray in the most congested areas. Besides this, the product is so good that it will kill other insects which come in contact with this fume.

Terro carpenter

This product is a blessing for those houses where huge number of termites live. Its non-staining feature or formula kills termites without causing any kind or mark or satin. This will not spoil your place plus within week it will make all the termites go away. Also, with the spraying nozzle, it is easy to apply it in large area.

Also, they are two in number so not enough time is required in its application. Also with them you can kill hidden insects in just few applications. Also, anyone can use it, and it is also idol for external application.

Fipronil (termite killer)

This product is a formulation in which it teaches you the ways through which you can have a termite free home. On the other hand, with termites, insects like cockroaches, ticks, and other pests are controlled. So, the above pests are bothering you then this single product is enough for all of them.

It is so powerful that it will make vanish away large colonies at a time. You can get even spray on your walls and forget the stains on it.

Taurus Sc

Taurus SC 20oz
List Price:$52.58
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The best part about this product is that it is available in small to large sizes and help in the spot treatment also. Also, in around three to four months of application, it will kill all the termites plus its results are 100% guaranteed. Besides this, ingested termites are also killed by them plus it will like an airborne poison for termites.

Bifenthrin Insecticide

If you are in need of a pesticide which offers long lasting results, then this one is good. Many products are just offer temporary effect but these one offer permanent results. Even it is capable of killing spiders and wasps and kills them from roots. Also, it is idol for perimeter treatment and can be used in cars, between the door and windoor gaps.

So, when you see lots of undivided guest in your house who are not ready to leave it then use this products.

Bonide termite’s killer

This product tops among all the insecticides because its chimerical solution is strong and 100% effective. Whether your house, woods or furniture are infested, juts spray it on them and see them go away. Also, even in those areas which are hard to reach, this product makes the application process very easy.

Tetraperm formulation makes this product everlasting and helps you to keep all the insects away from your home.

So, this is all about top insecticides which make your work lot easier with their in innovative designs and useful formulas. Now many people ask as which are the best ways to kill termites? Well, here are some of the suggestions and tips which help you both in prevention and protection from these little creatures:

Other tips

Avoid cracks and holes

These are the place where termites can hide and lead to infestation. If you do not give tem place to hide and live, then they will not be able to acquire your place and eat your stuff. Here are some of the common mistakes which lead to infestation:

  • Cracks in your wall or even in your furniture are home of these termites. If you see any one of them, then fill it and make it very smooth.
  • Wooden furniture’s are very common in house but try to reduce them as more woods mean more infestation. Also, try to keep these wooden furniture’s dry and keep them away from the place which is moisturized.

how to get rid of termites

Avoid scrap and wooden pieces in the house

Woods are the source of food for these termites, and if they do not get food sources, then they will not infest your house. Keep your surroundings clean and throw away all the unnecessary stuff from your house. Wooden mulches are more prone to termites plus this is the starting point of infestation.

  • Also, try to keep the place dry where you keep your wooden mulches if you have to use them. Time to time, clean the places and make sure that there is no water pipe there.
  • Besides this, make your wooden sealing is bit high from the ground as it will not lead to direct contact with the moisture.

Go for pest control in every two to three years

Saving your house from any kind of infestation is impossible. Everyone face this problem and its best solution is to have a professional pest control once in three years. With the treatment, they will offer you suggestions for its protection and help you get the house of your dream.

Also, if you are thinking about their cost, then their services are not that expensive. Besides this, investing in this treatment is better than investing in the reconstruction of your house.

Here are some of the common tips which keep away all these termites out of your house:

  • Lumber is good in this condition if you want to save your house from the attack of termites.
  • While constructing your house, you can take the help of the architect as he/she will be able to tell you the best way to get protection from them.
  • Also, do not ever plant any trees away from your house as it is a path through which they can enter into your house.

So, this complete guide about how to get rid of termites explains everything about termites. Use these methods and get free from infestation.