How To Kill Roaches

Apply Some Safe and Effective Methods to Kill the Roaches Faster

The roaches are found in all over the world. One of the main reasons for their growth can be their ability to multiply faster and surviving under all sorts’ conditions.

The roaches are found in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, offices, industries, vehicles, ships and around all those places, where they can survive. The girls get scared when they see roaches roaming on the floor. The roaches do not bite but look quite freighting.

The species like German roaches can also spread infection and cause several diseases.

People know that and every individual is trying to know how to kill roaches quickly. Well, there are several ways of killing roaches. You can apply those ways more effectively, if you gain complete details on the behavior of roaches.

Why do the roaches reside in your property?

Almost species of the roaches reside inside the properties. They frequently search for new areas, where they can find narrow areas to set up the nest and survive. The bugs can enter your home through the drain pipes, cracks, and other entrances.

If these pests have got entry into your home, they will not take much time to prepare the nest and multiply.


These are quite resilient pests, and these can survive easily for a long time. Yes, you can use some home remedies to prevent the entrance of roaches in your house.

It will be tough to exterminate the insects if they are already living in your home.

Why is it important to know that why do roaches attack your home? It is important because you can try your best to prevent the attack of cockroaches in the future.

You will know what causes roach infestation and you can apply some effective remedies to prevent their entrance in your property.

The bugs frequently hunt for food. They get attracted towards the smell of food. Whether it is human meal or pet meal, the roaches can eat that meal and survive for a long time.

The roaches have attacked your home probably due to open and unsealed food.

You can prevent attacks of roaches in your property, if the food is packed and if the kitchen is clean.

Most of the people clean food storage, cabinets, and kitchen tabletops without using any chemical. People think water is enough to clean the kitchen. The roaches always search for such homes. If the area is looking fresh, it doesn’t mean it is completely cleaned.


The food particles can be available everywhere. Also, the roaches can survive up to three months without eating anything. They wait for the occasion and eat food, whenever you flush waste food through the sink or throw it in the garbage can.

The roaches create their nests in the dark and moisture areas. They can be below the table tops, inside the cabinets, food storage and also inside the drain pipes.

You can find their nests and runways and then apply the best roach killer to exterminate them.

Getting rid of roaches naturally:

Finding a home remedy, which can work as a natural roach killer, seems like a difficult task, but it is not. You can prepare many home remedies to kill roaches. You may also need to change some bad habits, if you don’t want any roach in your house. The best ways of removing roaches include:

  • Clean the house daily:

Does it seem too difficult to clean the house daily? Your home will become a safe house for roaches, if you think so. The German roaches and other types’ roaches attack properties, which are unhygienic and dirty.

There is no wonder that bachelors learn to share their apartments with cockroaches because they don’t clean their kitchen daily. The roaches survive over open food. The human meal is also their meal that they can easily find in a messy kitchen and a dirty house.

how to kill roaches

You should regularly clean the house and your kitchen by using a powerful cleaning agent.

Change your habit of flushing waste foodstuff in the sink. Mostly cockroaches reside in the drain pipes. These narrow pipes offer the best environment for the survival of roaches.

The roaches can survive for three months without eating food. These are highly resilient pests, and you must maintain hygiene in your home, restaurant, hotel and office to prevent clutter and mess of food.

If there will be no waste food in the kitchen, you can get rid of roaches quickly.

  • Find water leaks and fix them:

People get frightened after seeing the roaches in the sink. Yes, roaches scare some people, mainly to the girls. People see roaches in the sink and try to flush them. Actually, the roaches don’t die when you flush them.

The roaches frequently search for water leaks and moisturized locations because these are the best areas for their growth. You should fix the water leaks and drain leaks in your home to prevent roaches.

Clean the sink daily and remove all the waste food from the sink and place it into the garbage can. Never overwater the indoor plants because it can also be a safe house for roaches.

Even the ultrasonic repellers won’t work, if the roaches will get moisture with enough food in your home. Finding water leaks can be a tough task, if the water is leaking from hidden drains.

Still, you should eliminate the chances of moisture in your house by preventing water storage in the sink, bathroom and indoor plants.

  • Find cracks, holes and seal them:

The property, full of cracks and holes, becomes the best residence for the roaches. You should not let your home, restaurant or hotel become one of those properties.

Seal the holes and cracks of furniture like tables, chairs, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and couches. It becomes tough to find the roaches when they run into holes and cracks.

This process may take some, so choose the nearest Sunday or a public holiday to do this job. Use the best product to seal the holes and cracks. You can apply the tube of caulk or a caulking gun to seal cracks.

  • Prepare a natural roach bait at home:

Instead of purchasing dangerous bait from the market you should make natural bait at home. You can make the roach bait through many ways. Blend 1tbsp boric acid in 1tsp powdered sugar. Finely mix the solution to prepare a fine mix of boric acid and sugar.

Now spread this solution around the cracks, holes, and runways of roaches. Do not forget to spread it over the sink and drain openings.


Sugar will lure the roaches, they will taste it, and boric acid content will kill them instantly.

You can also prepare the balls of boric acid, sugar, and flour. Mix 1tbsp boric acid in an equal quantity of flour along with 2tsp sugar. Pour some water into this mix to prepare the dough. If the dough is ready, create small balls of the dough.

Place these balls around the nests and runways of roaches. They will eat it and die immediately. It is how you can prepare roach bait at home to kill roaches.

These baits work better than many chemically prepared roach killing baits.

  • Maintain coldness inside your home:

The American roaches can fly. Their flying skill depends on increase in temperature. You can prevent muscle growth of these roaches by maintaining cool temperature inside your home. Things are not same with the German roaches because they can survive in any temperature and flourish faster.

People should use natural baits to kill German roaches, who frequently explore details regarding how to kill german roaches.

Coldness can easily prevent growth of the American roaches. Some other species of the roaches can also get controlled by controlling the temperature.

  • Use soap-water solution:

Many insects, including roaches breath through their skin. Killing these insects becomes an easy task, when you spray soap-water solution over their skin. Roaches, which hide in the drains, can also get killed by flushing soap-water solution.

The soap prevents roaches from breathing and that’s how they get killed softly. This may seem a gentle way of killing roaches, but it is an effective way.

Call the experts:

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods of controlling the growth of roaches and killing them and yet you haven’t got positive results, call the experts now.

You can find the suggestion of finding professionals for pest control, whenever you explore information on “how to kill roaches fast.”

roach exterminator

Professional pest controllers are trained people. They know what methods should be applied for killing different species’ insects. Of course, they can prevent the growth of roaches in one day and remove their nests.

Also, the pest controllers would also provide treatment for several other types’ insects. So, call them, if other methods don’t work and roaches reside in your home.

Insects like German roaches, American roaches, bed bugs, flies, and termites can affect your life quite severely.

You should follow the suggestions to find and kill them as soon as possible. These insects grow quite fast, so don’t ignore their appearance in your home.