Natural Roach Killer – Kill Roaches Natural Way

Killing Roaches The Natural Way!

No-one wants to live with insects. Some people try their best to keep their home insect-free and maintain hygiene. Though, there are some insects that can also reside in the clean and hygienic atmosphere.

The roach is one of those insects, which requires only two things to survive “food and moisture”. If the roaches create their nest in your home, they will quickly multiply and spread in other rooms of your home.

Ultimately, the population of the roaches will become a big issue for you and you will have to call the professional pest controllers for removing roaches. So, it is better to use natural roach killer as you see a roach roaming in your house.

Get prepared to exterminate roaches always:

The insects never inform before attacking your property. You need to get ready for their attacks every time. Dealing with other insects seems like an easier task in comparison to dealing with the roaches.

The roaches are very resilient insects. Most of the species of roaches can survive under too cold and too hot temperature. Many roaches can live for 3-5 months without eating anything and that’s what makes them more dangerous.

where roaches reside

The roaches mainly reside in the dark and moisturized areas like drains and sinks. They can live up to 100 days, and during this lifespan, they can increase their population too much.

You should not ignore it, whenever you see a roach roaming around the gas range, food storage or other areas of your property. Follow the movement of spotted roach and try to find its nest.

Mostly, the roaches run towards their nest as they feel troubled. Therefore, it should not be quite difficult for you to locate the nest of the spotted bug. Apply some home remedies like a soap-water mix to kill the roaches of the nest and remove it.

Prevent the chances of roaches growth in your property:

Dealing with too many roaches can be a tough task, and that’s why you should try to prevent their growth as much as possible. Read about the most important thing the roach droppings here.

The first thing you should do to prevent a growth of insects in your property is cleaning the whole house effectively. Choose the nearest Sunday to perform the cleaning work. This may take several hours, but you will have to perform the deep-cleaning task.

natural roach killer

Don’t just wipe the tabletops of the kitchen with the wet cloth. Prepare an insect killing solution and clean the floor and table tops through it.

The cleaning task is not completed. If you have cleaned tabletops and floor, then move towards food storage and food containers. Remove food particles from food storage and tightly seal the food containers.

Check the cracks and holes of food storage cabinets or cupboards and seal them. After completing the kitchen, move towards other parts of your home. Check below and under all the furniture for nests of roaches.

Apply the best roach killer as you find the roaches or their nests. Cleaning the whole task would be a tough task, but it will help you in finding and killing roaches.

You would also be able to prevent their growth in your home or restaurant.

Best natural roach killer remedies:

If it is too late and if the roaches are spread in every part of your home, then they need quick treatment. This treatment would be using a natural roach killer that can exterminate roaches immediately. The best natural roach killers are as follows:

  • Garlic:

Many people get amazed by knowing that garlic works as a roach killer. The smell of garlic kills roaches. It is an edible ingredient, so there is no harm if you use it as a roach killing agent in your home.

You get two choices, when you decide to use garlic for roach killing. Either you can use crushed garlic cloves to kill the roaches or spread garlic powder around the nests and runways of roaches.

natural roach killerGarlic is quite healthy for humans because it offers multiple health benefits and keeps diseases away. This ingredient works in an opposite way for the insects. Many people have spread garlic powder in their homes to prevent roaches.

It worked and you should also apply the same method.

  • Bay leaves:

The bay leaves are also used as an ingredient in many cuisines. This ingredient is used in most of the Indian cuisines because it improves the taste of meals. The Indians use bay leaves in many meals.

Many individuals don’t know that bay leaves can also offer great prevention against the growth of roaches. Just like garlic, the bay leaves can also be applied in two different ways to kill roaches.

You can prepare bundles of bay leaves and place those bundles around the gas range, food storage and other areas, where roaches can wander.

You might have German roaches in house, check this if you are not sure!

A much better way of using bay leaves would be using bay leaf powder. Take crushed bay leaves in a mixer grinder and grind them. Now spread the powder around potential locations of roaches. Roaches will consume that powder and get killed slowly.

This is a great way of luring roaches and killing them in their nests.

  • Mint:

Mint is widely used as a natural insect killer remedy. This natural ingredient is also used as a home remedy for curing diseases. It offers some great health benefits, but it is a renowned roach killer remedy.

You can spread the mint leaves around the high-traffic areas. Spot the locations, where roaches roam to find food and then spread mint leaves on those locations. It will take only a few days and population of roaches will get reduced significantly.

You can also use mint oil to control the population of roaches in your home. According to pest control experts, the essential oil is quite dangerous for roaches. It is the best roach killer remedy.

People widely use mint oil in hotels, restaurants and large kitchens to kill the roaches. Mint’s smell exterminates roaches and the chances of roach infestation get reduced quickly.

  • Catnip:

Catnip is a plant from the mint family. It has got the same roach killing properties as mint. Many people may not have tried this natural remedy for killing roaches, but it works effectively.

natural roach killerThe exterminators believe that the natural chemicals of catnip leave keep the roaches away. You should take some fresh leaves of catnip plant and spread them around the nests of roaches. In addition, you can also use the dried leaves to kill roaches.

Prepare the powder of dry leaves and spread it around food storage and other areas. This will keep the roaches away and possibly it will kill them, if the roaches consume the powder.

  • Pyrethrum Spray:

It is simply great, if you can get some flowers of pyrethrum plant. Many companies prepare the roach killing spray by using pyrethrum flowers and sell it at high prices. You can prepare the natural roach killer at home.

It is not a spray to move away the roaches. The spray of pyrethrum flowers will kill the roaches immediately. You may find many home remedies for roaches, which you may have not tried before. Probably, pyrethrum spray is one of them.

natural roach killerCrush the pyrethrum flowers and mix them into the water. Now filter the flower and use the mix as a spray. You should spray this mix around the nests of roaches. Spray it below the tabletops, over the sink holes, drain opening and other areas.

The roaches will get killed, as they will come in contact with the sprayed substance.

  • Boric powder:

One of the most widely used remedies to kill the roaches is boric powder. The boric powder can be easily available in the market. You need just one tablespoon boric powder and the job will be done.

Prepare the mix of boric powder and sugar powder. Spread this mix around the areas, where roaches may wander during the daytime and nighttime. Sugar will lure roaches because they eat it.

The roaches will also consume the mixed boric powder and it will be their last meal. Boric powder kills roaches quickly and that’s why it is quite famous.

natural roach killer

Spreading the boric powder in all the areas may not be possible, so you should try another recipe. You should mix 1tbsp boric powder into 1tbsp flour. Combine both ingredients correctly and then mix the sugar powder to sweeten the mix.

Now pour the required amount of water to prepare the dough. It will probably take 2-3 minutes, and the roach killing dough will be ready. Now you should make tiny balls from the dough and spread those balls in your house.

Roaches will get lured towards the sweet boric-flour balls and eat it. Soon, they will die.

There would be no need to call the pest controllers if you use the natural roach killer quickly. Always be active and hunt for the nests of insects as you see them.

Apply the above-explained home remedies and kill them all. Preventing the growth of roaches is the best way of keeping the property safe. So, do not hesitate or show mercy, when it is a cockroach in your kitchen.