Raccoon Poop and How To Prevent Raccoon Defecating

Many animals wander around homes and business areas during the nighttime. People do not worry if any animal visit their property during the nighttime. People get frustrated as they see animal droppings in their property. Some animals may find the food and other required things around your property and they can visit here every night.

It is important to recognize that animal by recognizing its droppings like feces.

Thus, you can apply some methods of preventing its entrance to your property. Of course, it is quite difficult to recognize the animal through its droppings like poop. It becomes even more difficult, when you need to recognize that it is raccoon poop or skunk poop because both are nocturnal.

This post will help you in distinguishing raccoon feces from skunk poop and provide the best methods of preventing raccoon entrance.

Recognizing skunk and raccoon poop

The raccoon is an American mammal, which can wander around homes and spread squalor. Many people keep raccoons in their homes as pets, but all the raccoons are not as good as pet raccoons. Those, who live in the wildlife areas, can easily enter in your property and spread their droppings around your home or office.

People often make mistake of considering raccoon poop as skunk poop. They apply wrong methods to prevent their properties and thus they do not get positive results. You should know how to distinguish raccoon poop from skunk poop. It can help you in identifying the real culprit.

  • Skunk poop:

Some people may get confused between cat poop and skunk poop. Both of these feces can be found in the lawns and gardens. Skunk poop looks similar like cat poop and it has a tubular shape along with blunt ends. It can be up to a half inches in the diameter and two inches long in the length.

It can be very simple for you to identify skunk poop because it will contain undigested insects, feathers and berry seeds. The experts consider all these aspects of skunk poop to know who is invading a garden, lawn or other areas.

  • Raccoon poop:

Raccoon poop also looks similar to skunk poop. Its tubular shape and blunt-ends confuse the property owners. The simplest way of recognizing raccoon poop is considering its size. The raccoon poop would be larger in size than skunk poop. According to the experts, raccoon poop can be half inch in diameter and 3 inches long.

The scat of raccoon poop would be darker than skunk poop. All the raccoons of a group would go to the similar location for defecating. Most of the times raccoons choose woodpiles, stumps, large rocks, patios, decks, garages and attics for spreading droppings.

raccoon feces

The raccoons have frustrated the property owners in North America. These pests reside in the North American countries and they are infamous for spreading squalor in well-cleaned and well maintained gardens of the inhabitants. Most of the property owners get confused like skunk poop vs raccoon poop, which is affecting my property.

The above explained details will now help you in finding the culprit and treating it effectively.

How to prevent raccoon defecating?

The raccoon is one of those animals, which can’t leave their habits of spreading droppings in clean areas. They can affect the healthy atmosphere of your property and reduce the beauty of your lawn and garden. There are a few effective ways of preventing raccoon defecating, which are explained below.

  • Do not place the garbage can outside the house

You may be one of those individuals, who throw the waste food in the garbage cane and place it outside the house. The waste food attracts raccoons because it becomes an easy meal for them.

The raccoon will visit your yard time and again, if it will locate the garbage can. It is possible that raccoon will also defecate in your property, if it finds food. So, you should not place the garbage in raccoon’s access.

Keep it inside the home to prevent raccoon droppings in your lawn.

  • Remove the insects

Insects are natural meal of raccoons. They will visit your property again and again, if a number of insects reside in your lawn or garden. You can prevent raccoon’s entrance to your property by doing pest cleaning.

  • Spray mole repellent

Many companies produce mole repellents, which are used for preventing the entrance of unwanted animals in the property. The smell of mole repellent can help you in keeping raccoons away. It smells bad and you can spray it around the lawn, garbage can and other areas.

It is not a toxic chemical, but it can force raccoons to search food at other places.

  • Scare them

Scarring doesn’t mean to use a stick and monitor the whole yard whole night. You can use deterrents like fox urine to scare the raccoons. These pests can smell deterrents easily and then run away from your property to save their life. Most of the inhabitants in North America trust deterrents for preventing raccoon defecating.

  • Leave your dog on the lawn

Dogs are the best friends of humans and they protect us against all sorts’ hazards. Your dog can also be useful in shooing the raccoons out of the property. You just need to train him for that particular task and leave him on the lawn with a small dog house.

He will know as the raccoon will enter and he will immediately take action against the raccoons.

  • Use a yard guard

You can buy the yard guard devices online and place them in the yard to prevent entrance of unwanted animals like raccoons, rats and dogs. It generates high-frequency waves, which irritate the raccoons and other animals.

Now you know what does raccoon poop look like and how to prevent them from defecating on your property. Check all the details carefully and apply a suitable method of preventing raccoon defecating.

The above suggested ways work effectively and many people have got clean lawns by applying these methods. So, choose a suitable method and use it against raccoons.