Why Should You Get a Rat Repellent Immediately?

What is a rat repellent?

Rat repellent is the spray, chemical or the product which helps you repel rats or get rid of them for the matter. More on rat poison here.

Rats, as we all know, are extremely dangerous and can more often than enough cause the most dangerous of allergies and diseases.

Apart from being the carrier of disgusting diseases and allergies, rats also go on to ruin your clothes, electronics with wires and, make your entire house stink like a madhouse.

Now, if you are someone like Monica or even less than her for the matter, rats aren’t something that you would like to see jumping around in your home least of all your room with all your expensive or valuable notes and clothes that is sure to be open to the atrocities of the little vicious creatures who have the capability to literally turn your house into a living hell.

Rat repellents are therefore such products or poison that helps you gets rid of such rats which go on to ruin your life and fill it with chaos and problems.

In such cases, the rat repellents are no less than god’s boon to you.

How are rats your ultimate enemies?

Rats are literally your ultimate enemies and, in more ways than one that too. They can turn your house into a living hell with their mere presence and the reasons behind this are as follows:

  • Firstly, their presence in itself bring along with it a weirdly sickening stink which is more harmful than you actually give it due importance to. The stink is not only mildly suffocating but can also disturb your beauty sleep and other activities.

Next, the rats tend to squeeze into the dark corners of your home without you noticing them at first and by the time you actually notice it, they will have extended into a full-fledged community with innumerous of them roaming around and partying at your place and I’m sure you aren’t very open about lending your home for rats to party in.

  • Thirdly, the rats are such creatures which roam around and lie anywhere and everywhere and live in the dirtiest places for the most.

Be in drains or sewage pipes, they have literally been to the dirtiest places that there are and this can prove to be extremely dangerous for you considering the fact that they enter your home with the same sickening germs and odor in them.

  • Fourthly, do not underestimate the mice. They might look cute in the beginning but what you do not know is the level of harm that they tend to carry around in their cute little legs.

For germs, rats are the ultimate comfort places that they can go to even if everything else fails and I’m sure you do not need to see the mice hovering around your place with the refugee germs resting in their body.

  • Fifthly, the rat shit or urine that is sure to fill your house with the numerous rats having taken shelter in your house’s darkest corners is more harmful than you might currently realize.

This rat poop or urine smell when inhaled by you or your family members especially children, causes serious breathing problems that can go on to even affect your brain for the most! Now, think it for yourself, do you really wish to sabotage your brain for something as trivial as the presence of mice in your house? I’m sure you don’t.

  • Lastly, if the rats tend to bite you in one way or the other, it is more poisonous than you might now give due importance to because not only can this bite cause serious allergies in you but also hurt you in a horrible way.

You might even be infected with the worst possible disease considering the fact that germs tend to dwell on their body in immense number.

big rat
If these reasons do not make rats your ultimate enemies, I have no idea what do.

These are a few reasons why you must use rat deterrent or rat repellent and get rid of the horrible rats sickening your beautiful home with the most horrible stench.

Why should you get rid of rats at the earliest?

Be it rodents or be it rats their mere presence at your home is bound to make you feel unsettling and extremely claustrophobic.

They are the dirtiest animals that there are and one cannot help but find ways to get rid of them and purify their house which will have turned into a foul smelling place because of their presence.

The mistake that people most commonly make is the fact that they do not take the foul smell making them uncomfortable seriously.

What people do not realize is that it is this very stench or stink that will go on to make them feel nauseous and sick.

No amount of room fresheners or house cleaning is going to help you get rid of the sickening stench because to get rid of the stench, you have to first get rid of the disgusting creatures that are responsible for emitting such smell.


The smell again is the poop of the rats or rodents whose poop themselves are more dangerous than they themselves.

This poop has the ability to affect your brain and cause the most harmful of diseases that there are in you, more on that subject here on wikipedia.

Now that you know of the horrible impact that the presence of rats have in your home and you, you must try and get a rat repellent or rodent repellent at the earliest and get rid of those disgusting creatures as soon as possible.

Every animal is human and every creature does have a right to live but unfortunately enough for us, the rats and rodents spread such diseases that one cannot help but make arrangements to get rid of it.

How to keep rats away?

Now, you have already read about the numerous ways by which the presence of rats, negatively affect our life but what you do not know yet is how you’ll be getting rid of the harmful creatures which have been for some time dictating your life and routine.

These are the few ways by which you can keep rats away:

Precautions on your part

  • If your house has dark dirty corners, get rid of them immediately. Not the corners of course.

What I mean to say is that rats love the dark corners and always tend to squeeze in there only which is why you must try and keep all the corners of your house clean, clean enough to suffocate the rats or rodents that is.

  • Make sure that you keep your attic clean at all times because that is again another place that the rats find immense comfort in. If you do not keep your attic clean, chances are that you might as well find yourself face to face with an enormous rat party going on in there.

You must always keep your dustbins neat and clean and cover them with a lid unless which, despite the whole of your house being crystal clean, the rats might just find comfort in your dustbin and think of shifting there for a while.

  • You must never keep leftovers lying around and make sure they go directly into the covered bin that you have else which the rats might just as well feel that they have enough food to live on.

If you come to know of the presence of rats in your house by any chance, you must immediately go on to wipe the floors and counters of your kitchen with bleach so as to make sure that the stench and harmful chemicals present in it is enough to drive them away.

  • You must not let your garden turn into a jungle because that might just as well turn into a favorable new dwelling place for the rodents or rats who are forever in the search for a newer and dirtier place to dwell in.

You might as well become wise enough and not create the much needed jungle for them.

Natural home remedies to shoo the rats away

Now that you have seen how you can take precautions to stop the rats from even entering your home, let us discuss about how we can effectively shoo the rats away if they have already entered your home.

Now, if the rats have already entered your home, the first thing you need to do is a thorough cleaning of your entire home in such a manner as to suffocate the rats with the smell of bleach and other room freshening scents.

rat repellentThis will in turn make the rats mad enough to drive them away from your home in search of a new home.

Next, if even that does not help, the next thing you need to do is prepare a natural rat repellent yourself.

Moth balls and ammonia mixed with water are the first two kinds of rat repellents that have the ability to make the rats in your home flee out of fear!

These two chemicals have such strong allergic reactions in rats that they cannot stand even the smell of it let alone its usage on them.

This is mainly for such people who cannot stand to kill the rats and wish for the rat repellent that will drive them away but not kill them all the same.

Again, peppermint oil and oil’s feather are two things that can scare the living daylights out of the rats which cannot stand the smell of the oil and are immensely scared of the oil’s feather to which they have a weird phobia.

Onion, bay leaf, cat shit etc are again such things whose smell the rats cannot stand and if this rat repellent does not work, I don’t know what will and the best part is that this is the perfectly natural solution for a problem without any kind of external repellents to be dependent on.

Other remedies to get rid of rats easily

Since there are as many rat killing or shooing away remedies as there are, you can always find the one remedy that suits you best which is why you must know of the other lesser known remedies too.

Cow dung spread in your garden is one way by which your rats might never come back.

Yes, you heard that right. Cow dung has the ability to inflame the stomach of the rats and ultimately lead them to die.

Again, there is another extremely lesser known remedy that will lead them to die and that is your hair.

O yes, when rats consume your hair, they die. So, you might as well throw the loose fallen strands of your hair in the probable places where the rats dwell on and see how the thing works for you. However, the most effective remedy is obviously rat repellent.

rat repellersThe ready made rat repellents that you find in the market are the best ones that there are and help you in getting rid of the much dreaded rats in a jiffy.

There is even a new ultrasonic rat repeller that has been found to shoo more rats away than any other rat repellent and has been found to keep the rats alive as well.

What is ultrasonic rodent repellent?

The ultrasonic rodent repellent is that kind of rat repellent that has the ability to shoo rats away without even having you to get up!

The ultrasonic pest repellents tend to emit such high or low frequency sounds as is audible only to the rodents or rats or the insects that you wish to repel and this frequency sound is so irritating to the ears of the insects or rats or rodents that they leave the place peacefully without causing you any further trouble and do you know what the best part about the entire arrangement is?

It does not even require you to get up from your comfort position!

All you need to do is plug in the rat repellent and then wait for it to work wonders. It runs on electricity and does its job in hours! Read here if you wonder if it works.

Just imagine. The rats that you were not able to shoo away in the matter of months will be shooed away in the matter of hours and you will not even have to do as much as even get up.

Also, you will not be able to hear the sound that irritates the rats which makes it all the more desirable.

Best rat repellent you must go for

There are numerous kinds of rat repellents and rat traps that might help you in getting rid of rats in no time but with the numerous choices that you are blessed with, it is only natural for you to get confused and wonder which one you must go for.

This is why, before purchasing the rat repellent or rat trap that you have always wanted, you must go through best mouse trap reviews and choose the one that suits you best.

The top two best rat repellents of 2016, however, have been listed below:

Eliminator Electronic rat and rodent trap- Efficient and No mess extermination of mice, rats and Squirrels

  • This rat trap has been made with the newest of technologies and it has the most unique features that there are.
  • The one feature that makes it the ultimate choice for getting rid of rats is its ability to automatically detect the rats or rodents and kill them with its superior automatic technology.
  • The shock that it bestows the rats with is enough to kill it at that moment itself as it emits a shock of 7000V which is more than enough to get rid of rodents or rats.
  • It runs on batteries and calls for no kinds of mess as it kills the rats immediately and all you need to do is throw it in your dustbin in the easiest way possible.
  • The reason that has made it number one to the list is the fact that people have given immensely positive responses after having used it.

Ultrasonic pest repeller

  • Now that you have seen the incorporated efficient rat trap to the list of the best rat repellent, it is time for you to see the ultimate rat repellent that you must go for.
  • This ultrasonic repeller is extremely effective and also has the ability to help you get rid of the rodents or rats without any hassle whatsoever.
  • Not only does it help you get rid of the disgusting creatures but also helps you get rid of them without killing them.
  • Its superior ultrasonic electronic technology which enables them to shoo the rats away by merely emitting the sound that is disruptive to their ears is enough for you to feel relieved.
  • The positive response of the people and its adequate pricing has further made it the best choice after the rat trap.