Roach Bites: Cure and Prevention

The cockroaches are considered as the most annoying insect of all. There are so many people who get really annoyed by the sight of it. It is harmless but in some condition; it may prove to be dangerous. The cockroach is not likely to bite human or cause harm in any kind.

But there are situations when the roaches get mad and start biting the human. But once it bites the human, it can cause some real problems to the skin. The cockroaches use to bite the fingernails, eyelashes, feet and hands. This can be a real problem.

Why the cockroaches bite?

The roach bites under specific conditions. The human is not their priority. They try to avoid the human as much as they can. But in the time of any crisis, a human may become their victim. One of the main reasons of roach biting is the shortage of food.

The cockroaches prefer to feed on a garbage can and everything pungent, but when there is nothing for them to eat, they attack human and try to take their piece of them.

cockroach bites

This situation is quite dangerous as the roach bites contain all sorts of bacteria and filth. Thus, if a cockroach has bitten you, then you are going to suffer from infection, swelling, and rashes. Some people have reported minor wounds from the cockroach Bites.

One of the cases, when the cockroaches bite, is sailing. The captains of the ships have reported severe roach bites during their voyages.

The food in the ships gets short, and when the population of the insects is increased, they start biting the human beings. This is quite a difficult situation; the sailors have reported wearing gloves so that they can prevent the cockroach bites.

What are the side effects of Roach Bites?

The cockroach bite is not lethal in general. There is not much harm that can be caused by the cockroach bites. But in some situation, it can be a real problem. The cockroaches bite on your fingernails, eyelashes, hands and feet.

These parts are quite sensitive, and the effect can be worse than you think. One problem is that the cockroach bites contain all kinds of harmful bacteria and filth. Thus, it is going to be a massive problem if these bacteria enter your blood through any sensitive part.

One more thing is that the bite can infect the area and there are some wounds reported by the cockroach bites.

Classification of the cockroaches by their nature of bite

The cockroaches have more than 3500 types, but they are mainly distributed in 5 classes. The first one is the wood cockroach. It does not have the intention to bite you, and you must be less worried about it. The American cockroach comes next which has the highest population but is not that much by. 

The German hood cockroach is notorious of all. It bites the human like no other species.

The nest is the Asian cockroach; that like to stay outside Thus, it is most unlikely for you to counter with it in your home. The last type is called the water bug cockroach. It likes to live in the damp places, and you do not have to worry about roach bites because it is not overly fond of human beings.

How to treat the roach Bites?

The cockroach bites are something that must be taken care of properly. You must not be casual about the cockroach bites. It can cause you much harm than you can imagine. Here are some steps that you must take to treat the cockroach bites.

  • Squish the roach

The first step that you must take is to terminate the cockroach. You must be very clear about the fact that the cockroach works in groups. They can signal 10 other cockroaches, and if you do not kill the bug, more will keep coming to you. Thus, your wound can wait, but you must kill the roach without any delay.

If you see a bug crawling on your leg, then you must take your best to kill it rather than screaming and losing your control. It is the first and most important move.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning of the wound is quite an important task, and you must do it at any cost. The bacteria bites are quite dangerous. Roaches have so many bacteria in their mouth part, and it can cause some serious infection along with the swelling.

It is estimated that if the roach bites you and you sleep over, the bitten area will swell 4 times in one night and then starts getting red. Thus, what you need to do is to clean the wound.

roach biteThe cleaning of the wound is quite important. Take a piece of cotton and dip it in the alcohol. Pinch the swollen area of your body and once it is pinched, start washing the area with the cotton.

Make sure that you forcefully get the bacteria out of the body. Wash the area with ample of alcohol and let it do its work of killing the bacteria.

  • Be vigilant about the wound

This treatment cannot be trusted because there can be thousands of reasons for it not working. Thus, you must keep an eye in your infected area and be vigilant if it is again swelling or something.

If you start feeling that the roach bite part is changing color or is getting swollen once again, then you must visit a doctor. As mentioned above, the situation is quite dangerous, thus you must not waste any time and get it treated properly.

  • What to do?

After the above discussion, it is evident that you must be using the right procedure to avoid any complication after the bite. The above procedure can be trusted, and you must be using the steps to be on the safe side. This procedure is quite simple, and you must be following it without any further delay. Or invest in roach killers more on that here.

Prevention from the Roach Bites

The prevention is more important than treatment. You must be having the steps that you must take to prevent the roach bites. The task is quite simple, but everlasting.

If you have a roach problem that it is going to take some time to get resolved. The only prevention that you must follow is the cleaning of your house and making it free from anything that appreciates the presence of the cockroaches in your home.

There are simple steps that you can take to exterminate the cockroaches and avoid them from coming back.

Roach droppings and feces

One thing that you are going to face in your house is the roach droppings. This is the marks that the cockroaches leave when they are on the wall. It is just like the termite droppings, but differs in color. These cockroach droppings have many problems. First of all, they spoil your home and its beauty, then they can also cause some serious health issues.

roach bitesThe droppings and feces may spoil the air you are breathing and cause you asthma. This situation makes it important for you to get them removed from the house at any cost.

Steps to prevent the roach situation

  • Clean the food

The first that you must do is to avoid roach bites is clean all the food in the house. This is the task that you must do for the betterment of your health. The contaminated food can be a really big problem. The crumbs and the unwashed dishes are the main sources of the problem.

The cockroaches like to eat on the rotten and pungent food, if you leave your dishes unwashed, then there is a chance that the roaches will use it for their food and get you in real trouble. It is imperative that you must clean your food.

  • Keep your house clean

You need to be very careful about the cleanliness of your house if you want to prevent roach problem. The cockroaches love to stay in the place that is a dump and dirty. If you are cleaning the house on a regular basis, then it is going to be a serious problem for you.

Your house may become the best place for the cockroaches to grow. You must clean the house and keep a sharp eye on each corner so that they do not get the chance to live and grow. This is very important and one of the best prevention.

  • Kill the bug

The cockroach is something that does not leave your track that easily. Once they get in, it is quite difficult for you to get them out. You must perform all the necessary steps and precautionary measures to avoid the roach situation, but at the same time, you must be doing your best to kill them at any instant of time possible.

You must use the anti-roach powders and sprays to keep them away. This practice must be carried out on a daily basis so that the Cockroach Bites will be prevented from happening.

These are the simple steps that you can take to save your house from the cockroach situation. The prevention is much better than the problems that you are facing.