Roach Poop Explained

People consider roaches as normal insects that cause no trouble. The girls and some individuals get frightened as they see a roach moving around. The roaches look quite frightening, but actually, they hunt for waste food and cold areas. The roaches can increase their population very quickly and soon spread all around your home to cause damage.

The roaches are residing on our planet before the birth of humans. These insects were existing during the age of dinosaurs, and still, they can survive for a month without food. These insects can survive two months without drinking water, and it shows how spunk these insects are.

Killing the roaches and removing them out of home is not an easy task. You can make your home a roach free home if you know some very important details regarding these insects.

This post will give you complete insight of roaches and their habits. It will certainly help you in exterminating these harmful insects.

The types of roaches:

The roaches have been inhabitants of this planet since the age of dinosaurs. They have survived all the tragic events and lived for millions of years. Today, these insects reside in all the continents and spread their population quite rapidly.

There are four types of roaches, which live in different areas. Those types of roaches are:

  • American Roaches:

These reddish-brown roaches are the largest cockroaches. Of course, these are called American roaches, but they are not native to this continent. It is said that American roaches had traveled to America with ships during the 1600s from Africa. The female American roaches can hatch 150 eggs per year.

The American roaches can get wings only after becoming adults. These roaches can be 2” in size, and their oval shape makes them easily recognizable.

Thinking like American roaches are less harmful can be a big mistake. These roaches eat almost everything. These roaches are habitual of living in the warm, wet and dark areas. You can find them in the sewers and your home or office’s basement. The American roaches enter in the properties through drains and sewer pipes.

If you think that you have a beautiful and clean office and these insects can’t enter there, then you are wrong. The American roaches can easily invade in office buildings and commercial areas and reside there for a long time. These cockroaches can crawl through dirty places and spread a lot of germs in clean areas.

So, it is important to exterminate them as soon as possible.

  • Brown-banded roaches:

The dark brownish roaches have light bands around their body, and that’s why they have gotten this name. You can easily recognize the male and female by considering their wing size. The male brown-banded roaches have larger wings than females.

These roaches are habitual of hatching inside the furniture, and they can easily live up to 5 or 6 months. These roaches can be 1” or 2” large, and their oval shaped body makes it easy to distinguish them from other insects.

These insects survive by consuming starchy products like book bindings and wallpaper paste. They can also eat things like nylon stockings for their survival.

The brown-banded roaches prefer a different life from other roaches. They mostly reside in warm, high and dry locations, which other bugs do not prefer. You can find these insects in any room of your house or office.

roach poop

They can invade in your kitchen or pantries, and grow very fast. These roaches do not run in lighted areas and prefer a secret life. Just like other roaches, the brown-banded cockroaches can also crawl around dirty areas and collect a lot of germs.

Later they can quickly spread those germs in your house of office. These insects can easily contaminate food or kitchenware and therefore affect your healthy life. The best way of preventing growth of brown-banded cockroaches is keeping the cooking and storage areas clean and dry.

  • Oriental cockroaches:

You may get confused by the name, but oriental roaches are native to Africa. The trade ships have offered them with this name. These insects are darker in color and larger in size than other species of roaches.

These insects move inside dirty sewer pipes and drain pipes. These roaches reside in dirty areas, and they prefer cooler temperature than other roaches.

You can easily recognize oriental roaches by their dark color and bad odor, and that’s why these insects are called the dirtiest roaches. These nasty bugs can survive by eating all sorts’ garbage.

They can also eat organic materials to soothe their hunger.

If you have wet and decaying places in your home, the oriental roaches can easily reside there.

These roaches can be found in sewers, firewood, crawlspaces and the piles of leaves. Oriental roaches are famous as the dirtiest roaches, and that’s why they can bring various life-threatening germs in your home. They walk through dirty areas and infect the food and kitchenware.

You should always clean the vessels before taking food if you have oriental roaches in your home or office. You can prevent the growth of oriental cockroaches by keeping the home dry and clean.

Clean the cracks of your property and seal them off as soon as possible. You must call the pest management service to clean your house or commercial area if you find oriental roaches there. These roaches can be a big reason behind your and kids’ illness.

  • German roaches:

The German roaches reside all around the world, and most of the homes in the USA are infected by these insects. These insects can easily survive for 100-200 days and increase their population quite rapidly.

The size of these oval shaped roaches can be up to 8” and they can very easily infect the food stored in your house or restaurant. Sweet things and floury foods are favorite foodstuffs of German roaches.

Sometimes these insects can also consume non-organic products like books and toothpaste to survive. These roaches can survive in all sorts’ climate, and that’s why they are everywhere on this planet.

Usually, German cockroaches prefer living in warm and damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens and other areas, where they can receive meal and water. These roaches can easily infect foodstuff stored in the kitchen or kitchen cabinets. They crawl through dirty places and collect a lot of germs.

They spread these germs, wherever they go, and that’s how these roaches spread disease-causing bugs and microbes. You must take help of the pest control service to kill German roaches.

You should also clean the kitchen and through the kitchen garbage out of the house to prevent entry of German cockroaches.

How to get rid of roaches?

I wrote big explanation on how to get rid of roaches I advice you to read it if you truly want to get rid of them. These insects increase their population quite rapidly. Species like German roaches and American roaches are the most responsible for infecting American homes.

If you want to kill these bugs yourself, read my best roach killers guide!

People don’t know what to do and what causes the growth of them, and that’s why their homes become the best place for the survival of roaches. You need to keep your home clean and dry.

Your neighbor should also do the same because bugs can reside in his or her home and enter on your property anytime. Keep the kitchen area clean and dry.

Do not flush the waste food through sink because that food will become a meal of roaches.

You need to pay attention to all sorts’ contamination in your home. You should learn how to identify roach poop so that you can know that they have invaded your property.

The insect experts have shared all the details regarding roach poop and their living habits online.

We have also mentioned the habits, meals, and prevention of roaches in this post, which can help you in keeping your home or commercial place roach free for a long time.

When do you need the support of pest management service to exterminate roaches?

It is quite difficult to know that when the roaches have invaded your property and in which areas they are residing now. You should immediately call the pest management service to find and kill all the roaches if you operate a restaurant business.

Your customers may question the cleanliness in your restaurant if they see these insects roaming around the table.

You should also call the roach killing experts, as the appearance of roaches increases in your home or office.

Of course, you may not get free time from your job to work with the pest management service for roach extermination.

You can use boric acid to kill the roaches during the working days. The German roaches are also known as boric acid roaches because boric acid is highly toxic for them. You can take some boric acid and spread it around the walkways of roaches. Recognize the high-traffic areas in your kitchen and spread boric acid there.

The roaches will consume it and die quickly. This is how you can control the growth of roaches in your property.