Squirrel Poop

The squirrel may look like a cute and innocent creature, but that is one side of the story. If you have ever experienced a squirrel invasion in your house, you must be knowing how it feels to have the squirrel poops and feces all over the place with uncontrollable smell and nuisance. There are many reasons why the squirrels get in and why there is so much mess in your house.

There are many ways in how you can prevent it and at the same time, how you can clean the mess that has already been created.

Squirrel poops

The squirrels, like any other living being, has the ability of metabolism. Unlike other such creatures, the squirrel has some really messy and smelly poops and feces. Sometimes it becomes almost impossible for you to even to stand in the place. The mess combined with the urine will may your house a complete hell to live in.

The squirrel poops can be found in the attic or the store of your house. They like to stay where there is quite and lots of food. Thus, there is a chance that you are going to experience them there if you have a squirrel attack at your place.

How does it look?

If you have not ever heard of it, then you must be wondering what does squirrel poop look like? The squirrel poop is quite big and oval shaped black piece of rot. They are quite smelly and are mostly found in the urine. A view of squirrel poop vs rat poop will make you believe that the squirrel poop is much bigger than the rat poop.

You have to be careful because it is stinkier than the rat poop. You have to make sure that there is none in your house. But if you have here is the solution of getting rid of it.

Can the squirrel poop be removed?

As a matter of fact, yes, you can remove all the squirrel poop from your house. It is quite an extensive procedure, and you have to spend a lot of time on it, but the truth is that it worth it. You do not want your house to rot and smell.

There are some lengthy and extensive methods that you can use to get rid of this situation completely. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to very vigilant while doing so.

How can I get rid of them?

If you are living in a rural place or somewhere near the squirrel zone. You must be having squirrel invasions in your house. The squirrels like to visit your place and try to settle in the house. The house temperature and atmosphere is something that no one can resist. Thus the squirrels like it here more than they like outside.

squirrel poopThus, there are consequences of that, and one of the major ones is that squirrel poops and the rotting smell.

There is a complete procedure by which you can get rid of the situation. It is quite an extensive and step vise process, but you have to make sure that you can go across every single step completely. Here is the detail of the process and how you can use it for your own betterment and good.


The first step in the cleanup process is identification. This is the most important and the most overlooked step. People just consider what is in front of their eyes. As mentioned earlier the squirrels like to live in hidden places like your attics and the store rooms, a place where you do not go frequently.

The squirrel poop that you will see on your walls and floor will be nothing as compared to what will be in those places. You have to be vigilant about this and start going to every corner of the house so that you can know that where you have to put your efforts. One suggestion is that while you are doing so, you must have your face covered and preventions on.

Because there is no guarantee that the place you visit is so smelly that you may get into a bad state of health.

Vacuum them out

Now comes the task of vacuuming the culprits out there are two phases of the process.

First, you have to find every single squirrel and throw it out of your place. You have to make sure that there is no single squirrel left at your place. It is very important to finish the root before the branches. If the squirrels stay, they will keep messing your place like before, and you will be of no advantage even after doing so much.

You need to be very careful and look for the squirrels at every place possible, thus you may not miss any.

squirrel fecesVacuum the squirrel poop is the next step. You must use a filter vacuum to do so. You must find every single place that is there to clean up the mess that the squirrels have created. Look for every single attic and the store and use the vacuum at full speed.

The more you are furious, the better cleanup you will do. That means you have to do it with passion and without waiting for one second. Find every hole and corner of your house and find the feces and then vacuum it to death.

Is there any chance of the squirrels to come back?

Yes, even after this extensive process, there are chances of the squirrels to come back. First of all, you have to make sure that the cleanup process was a huge success because the squirrels have a unique ability to call their other mates by releasing a special material that attracts the other squirrels.

If you have removed the feces and poops and have not cleaned that material, then there is going to be a bigger problem coming. Thus, it is advised that you must completely clean the squirrel poop along with everything that you find inappropriate. But this is again one side of the story. The squirrels will keep coming even you have done the cleaning job properly.

The reason is that your house is not insulated by the squirrels and thus they are going to come after you.

The solution

The solution of the problem is the insulation of your house. There are many points of your house that are opened without any reasons. You will find many holes and opening or even windows and door that have no use in your house, but you keep them open. This is the major reason of the squirrels coming in.

First of all, you need to clean the whole place so that you may be sure that there is nothing else. Then find these holes and openings from where the squirrels can come in. Find these spots and seal them completely. This is once again an extensive task, but you have to do it to completely get rid of the squirrel poop situation.

One other thing to do in the insulation process is the closing and sealing of the windows. As mentioned earlier, there are always doors and windows in your home that have no major use, but you keep them open and let the squirrels come in.

squirrel poopYou need to close all such doors and start working on the sealing them. You must also be careful about the dimensions of the door. There are many times when the door has no enough length, and there is quite a large space under your door thus the squirrels come from there, and easily get in your house. You must cover these spaces as well while preparing yourself for the next squirrel invasion.

You have to make sure that there is no place left in your home where there is an extra hole. The attic and the store must be checked. Because there are times when the squirrels make their own way and make secret holes that are quite secret, and you cannot see them with a casual look.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, it is quite an extensive task, but you have to do it so that you can get rid of this situation. You must be using a smart filter vacuum, so that you may not expect anything at the place once you have cleaned it. Once you do all this, you will be completely safe from any squirrel messing in your house.

Is there any health issues caused by the squirrel poops?

The squirrel poop and feces can also be found on the walls of the attics in the form of termite droppings. You need to be careful when you find something like this. The squirrel poop is not reported to do any harm to your health.

But there are scenarios in which their presence can be really problematic. The squirrels may bring ticks into your home, and once the ticks and fleas get out of their nest, they try to find new living organisms to live on.

The best target is you and your pet, thus you may get a tick fever.