Termidor Foam – The Best Termite Treatment Solution

If your house or commercial space is being infested by termites and ants, Termidor foam can help get rid of the problem. It is a ready to use termite treatment formulation that comes in an easy to use pressurized can. It has a proven track record and customers vouch for the effectiveness of the product.

How does Termidor foam work?

The Termidor foam contains the active ingredient called Fipronil which is an insecticide that is effective for eliminating termites and ants both inside and outside the structure it is sprayed on.

It has an expansion ratio of 30:1 which means that by using one oz. of Termidor foam, it becomes 1 quart of foam in less than 5 seconds. This dry foam is then applied in the infested area.

termidor foam reviewWhen the termites come in contact with the foam, the active ingredient called Fipronil gets stuck to its body. This termite then becomes a carrier of the foam poison and transfers it to the other termites it comes in contact with. In this way the Termidor foam is able to destroy the entire colony of termites.

Where does Termidor foam work best?

The repelent can be used for destroying ants (like leaf cutter, fire, pharaoh, harvester), termites (like dampwood, subterranean, arboreal, drywood) and beetles (like powder post beetles, old house borer beetles). Learn how to identify pests here.

It works in a wide variety of places such as:

  • Galleries
  • Voids in the wall or between structural elements
  • Pipe chases
  • Nests
  • Damaged woods, fences, wooden walls, timber
  • Bath traps
  • Landscapes
  • Attic and crawl spaces
  • Apartments, houses, schools, restaurants, hospitals

What are the unique features of Termidor foam?

The effectiveness of the Termidor foam can be better understood by the following unique features:

1. Nonrepellent formula

The Termidor foam is made with the help of an advanced chemical technology that makes it undetectable to termites and ants. This means that they cannot see, taste or smell it. Thus they invariably come in contact with the foam, ingest it and transfer it to other termites they come in contact with, thereby destroying the colony.

2. Transfer effect

As mentioned above, the termites pass on the Termidor foam to their fellow colony mates. It is designed to be slow acting so that there is enough time to pass it on to the entire population of termites.

3. No waiting

Unlike baits which take a couple of years to get the termite problem under control, the Termidor begins its work instantly. It is found to be 6 times more effective in eliminating termites than the traditional baits.

To know more about the product you can check the information provided below:

Termidor Foam
List Price:$29.95
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What are the pro and cons of Termidor foam?

That repelent is a very effective product that has many advantages such as:

  • It is easy to use as it comes in a ready to use pressurized can
  • It can be used to eliminate colonies of termites and ants
  • The hose applicator makes it convenient to reach even the tightest spaces
  • The 30:1 expansion ratio makes it very economical as each can produces 5 gallons of foam
  • It is the best spot treatment for as it contains the active ingredient Fipronil

While it is capable of eliminating termites and ant colonies it cannot be as a substitute for foundation and soil treatment or any mechanical alteration that may be required to overcome the damage caused by termites. Apart from this it is very hard to find fault in this great product.

How safe is it use Termidor foam?

Termidor foam is extremely safe provided it is used as directed in the label. The product should be kept out of reach of kids and pets. They should not be allowed to be present in the area while the treatment is being done. All the holes should be properly sealed so that direct contact can be avoided.

termidor foam amazonTermidor is EPA registered in USA. It contains the least amount of Fipronil compared to any other insecticide available in the market.


It is a trusted product and is being used by over 4 million homes in the US. You can buy this amazing product at a very affordable price on amazon here.