Termite Protection: Taking Care of Your Home

Termite protection is an essential part of keeping your home in good shape. In the United States, termites can cause damages of up to $5 billion on annual basis. Unfortunately, many home insurance premiums don’t cover the costs, so it’s important to recognize the signs of an infestation quickly.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Dry wood termites typically shed their wings during the spring. These are a sign that swarms are now inside a home and that the termites are mating. These termites are generally seen on areas with warmer climate or during the spring, but they occur all over the country except for places that are too cold to sustain insect life well.

termite protection

Subterranean termites usually dwell underground and require dirt or soil to thrive. They usually create tubes out of their droppings and invade frames and window sills. It’s important to check for damaged wood, window or door frames, or any bubbles in wood, paper, cardboard, and other cellulose-rich materials in your home.

Termite Protection

To treat this problem, there must be a thorough inspection. A qualified infestation expert is the best, though you can also learn to recognize other signs, such as small wood-colored droppings, wings that have been shed and resemble fish scales, and damage to door and window frames.

Termites are even capable of going through concrete slab, as such here are some ways to protect your home from these pests. This involves creating a system of pipes through the spread of chemicals are distributed.

The advantage of this system is that it can be installed prior to building a new home and helps prevent infestations.

  1. Termite monitoring. The least invasive method, this requires the use of well-placed bait stations around your home so that termite activity is tracked learn more here how to detect early signs of infestation. This can be used at any time before or after a home has been built, regardless of how old the property is.
  2. Termite barriers. This method is frequently used to prevent subterranean termites from entering the home. They work by blocking termites from entering a home and causing them to have to go out into open areas. The barriers can only be placed before construction is finished.

It’s important to note that termite protection is meant to be done by experts. There are a few chemicals for sale online, but they’re rarely effective for a problem of a large magnitude.

It takes knowledge to figure out exactly how much chemicals can actually get rid of a huge swarm. One of the best tools is prevention make sure your storm water runoff is connected correctly.

Leave any timber, wood, or other cellulose products outside your house if you can so they won’t attract termites. Make sure all pipes are fixed so they won’t attract subterranean termites.