Termites vs Ants – What is the Difference And How To Get Rid of Them?

When someone house is infested by the pest, then they are not able to tell the insects which are in their house.  Also, termites and ants look similar when you see them randomly and because of this many people think that they are same.

But both of them are different in many ways plus for killing them, quite different treatments are used for them.

Also, people want to know more about termites vs ants, and thus this content is full of their complete details.

About Termites

The bodies of termites are wide plus their antennas are straight. Taking about their color then they are mainly black, but many of the termites are also in brown color.

Besides this, termites can be of two types i.e. flying termites and non-flying termites.

  • Termites feed on wood and because of they eat structures and furniture made up of woods. They eat wood because of the presence of cellulose in the woods. They eat cellulose and thus it is found in plants, they get attracted to woods.
  • Paper is also consumed by these termites because they also contain cellulose. In other words, those entire things which are derived from plant are the food of termites.

About ants

Taking about ants then their antennas are not straight, but they are elbowed. Also, the size of each ant is also not same, their size varies little but they are not equal in sizes. They can be of brown, black and can be of red color also.

  • Ants are omnivore’s insects which mean that they feed on plants and animals both. They live in colonies and have a queen.
  • Besides this, not all the ants eat woods, but dry wood ants eat them. Also, ant’s infestation is not dangerous for your house stuff because they do not like termites.

So, after knowing about both the pests, let’s move on to the ways through which you can kill all these ants. Here is guide on how to get rid of ants.


This is a very common spice which you will found in any household. This tastes good to human beings, but for ants, it’s poisonous. When you use this method, then you will see that ants are slowly dying and using it with the essentials oils making it easy to apply.

termites vs ants

Also, essential oils make this remedy effective because of the natural and bitter chemicals present in it. Also, if you want to make your work easy then cinnamon oil is available in the market it will save your time also.


Sour things are not like by these ants and because of this vinegar is a great way to kill them. The smell of it is very strong which is not tolerable for ants, and because of this, they will die. You can use the vinegar mask for this purpose which is a combination of essential oils and vinegar.

Also, try to use white vinegar because it is effective in it. You can also use the bottle to store mixture in it and the use it when you see any ant around you.

Borax powder

Well, not just for ants but this powder is toxic for each and every insect. When you find out ways on internet about how to get rid of termites then this remedy is also mention in each termite killing content.

When ants ingest this toxic powder, then it will act as a poison for them and ultimately kill them. Besides this, you can use this powder alone but mixing it with the jelly or nay kind of liquid substance will let you to kill more ants in just a small amount of powder.


If you want to have a kitchen which is ant proof then lemon is the key. The acidic property of lemon is just poisonous for these ants.

Also, you need not to prepare any kind of mixture for this as on the windows, just rub this thing, and not a single ant will dare to get in your kitchen. Also, when you have to use it on something then use cotton balls for the application and this will solve your problem.

termites vs ants

But this remedy should be used for at least one month for complete extinction of ants from your house.

Well, the remedies are not ending here as there are hundreds of them, but the above mention one is mostly used. Now let’s look for the prevention tips:

  • Try to keep sweet things in a container rather than keeping them in an open area.

Also, use cupboards to keep them.

  • Ants not only attract to sweet things but sticky things are also their favorite plus things which contain gluten in them like bread, pasta etc. are liked by them.
  • Cooked food is also an invitation for them and thus you can keep all the residue food at one place plus it should be closed and not open.
  • Try to keep your place clean especially your kitchen.

Also, when you wash utensils then try to clean the sink completely as there should not anything stick there.

  • Many of us do not wash utensils at night, and thus ants get attracted to the food.

Thus wash at the time you eat food so that nothing can be left for them.

  • Dustbin in the kitchen is also a place which attracts ants, and thus it should be cleaned every day by you.

Besides this, it is always better to use polyether so that your dustbin remains clean.

  • Just like termites, ants also like moisture and cool places and thus when you wash or bath then make sure that you so not have standing water there.
  • If you are living in a place where there is low humidity, then you should keep your house dry all the time.

So, hope so the information about termites vs ants and these ways sound helpful regarding your infestation problem. Try to apply them in your house and avoid such type of infestation in your area.