What are the Different Types of Cockroaches and How to Get Rid of Them?

Responsible for spreading germs and clutter in healthy areas, the cockroach is a creepy and nuisance pest. It can easily withstand the freezing cold and live for one week without its head. The roaches reside everywhere. You can find them in your kitchen, sewer pipes, restaurants, offices and around all other places. These insects frequently hunt for poorly cleaned places. They survive on kitchen garbage and other non-organic materials. They don’t need water and food every day. They can live a long life, if your home, office or restaurant is messy. They will create their nests in the dark and cold areas and then wander across the whole property.

It is quite essential to recognize the types of roaches and their habits to create a perfect roach extermination plan. Check below given details to know the most common roach types and the way of killing them.

American roaches

The American roaches are the largest and the creepiest roaches found in the homes. Many people think that American roaches are native American insects, but that is not true. The insect experts have found that American roaches are native to Africa. They entered America during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is possible that American roaches had come through the ships with African people. The female American roaches can produce up to 150 offspring in a year. It becomes very difficult to identify baby American roaches because they don’t have wings like adult roaches. They get wings during the adult age, when they get bigger.

roach types

A completely grown American roach can be up to 2 inches large and its oval shape offers it that identity. These are reddish-brown roaches that may have some patterns behind the head. Yes, these roaches have the wings, antenna and they belong to Animalia Kingdome. People call them American roaches because of their appearance in North American homes, restaurants and other inhabitable places. The American roaches do not prefer any specific diet. They can consume almost everything, whether it is organic or non-organic. Among all other cockroach species, American cockroaches are called the toughest roaches. They can survive without food, water and also without a head.

  • Where do they reside?

The American roaches can survive for a long time, if they find warm, wet and dark areas to prepare their nests. It can be sewer, drain pipe, kitchen sink pipes or other cracks of furniture, walls and other things in which American roaches can establish their nests. In most of the cases, American roaches enter in the home through drain pipes. It is also quite common to find these insects in commercial places because they can survive anywhere by eating non-organic things. You can easily spot American roaches in the hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores and office buildings.

  • Is it dangerous?

The American roaches are large in size and they look quite creepy, but they usually don’t bite. They may wander into your kitchen and run away easily. These insects are dangerous because they carry a lot of microbes and germs. They crawl around dirty areas and collect a lot of germs there. So, it is important to kill them and remove their nests so that you can maintain a clean and germfree home.

German Roaches

The German roaches reside all around the world. Most of the people are frustrated because of this cockroach. The German roaches are responsible for spreading germs in all the American homes. They can live up to 200 days and they can produce many other roaches during their lifespan. It is considered as one of the creepiest roaches among all the cockroach types.

The German roaches can be up to 6” large in size and their oval shaped body makes them a member of Animalia Kingdom. These roaches can be brown or dark brown. The adult German roaches get equipped with wings and antenna. These insects reside in all the countries and it shows that they can survive anywhere. German roaches do not eat everything. They eat sweet and powdery food like grain flour, sugar and other similar things. The insects can eat non-organic things like books or toothpaste, if they don’t find their regular meal.

  • Where do they reside?

The German roaches can also live a long life, if they get a perfect place for their residence. These insects search for damp and warm places like bathrooms and kitchen. These creatures just need food and water and it is enough for their survival. They may run inside the drain pipes, if you spread the popular roach killers around their walkways. They will soon get back to your property, when there will be no threat to their life.

  • Is it dangerous?

Of course, German roaches are very dangerous. These insects can badly affect your life by carrying a variety of disease causing germs. These roaches eat garbage and walk through drain pipes. These areas are the hub of harmful germs. German roaches can infect vessels, food storage area, food and other things that you use daily. Therefore, German roaches can cause various diseases and you should beware of them.

Brown banded roaches

Brown banded cockroach identification is quite easy. These roaches have a dark body and two brown bands over their body. The male roaches have larger wings than female roaches. Therefore, identification of male and female roaches is quite simple. You can easily spot these roaches around furniture. They prepare their nests in the furniture and hide their eggs inside the cracks and poky areas of the furniture. The brown banded roaches can easily survive for six months and give birth to many other roaches during this time. These roaches can be 2” large and they have an oval shaped body.

  • Food and habits:

roach types

The brown banded roaches depend on starchy foods like book bindings and wallpaper paste as their meal. These insects may eat nylon stockings and other non-organic things in the absence of their regular meals. Brown banded roaches prepare their nests on high, dry and warm locations. Their living habits are different from other roach species. You can easily spot brown banded roaches in the kitchen, garden and pantries. However, they can also reside in other areas of house, which remain dry and warm all the time. These insects do not like moisture and light and that’s why it is hard to find them in open areas.

  • Is it dangerous?

Yes, brown banded roaches are very dangerous. These cockroaches can also carry various germs in your house, restaurant and office. They also hover around dirty places like drains, sewer, garbage storage and other messy areas. They can work as a transportation medium for harmful microbes. So, it is important to remove them as soon as possible.

Oriental roaches:

Oriental roaches are also famous as black cockroach. It is the creepiest roach among all the roaches. It is also called the dirtiest roach among all the roach species. They have got this name from the trade ships. People may presume that oriental roaches are native to the East Asian countries, but they are not. Oriental roaches have come from Africa. These roaches are larger in size in comparison to other common roaches. They spend most of their time inside dirty drain pipes. They often search for dirty and dark areas, where they can get moisture and other health promoting conditions. You can also identify these dirty roaches by their bad odor.

  • Food and habits:

There is no specific food, which oriental roaches prefer the most. These insects can survive by eating any sort of garbage. They can also consume all sorts’ organic materials and that’s why they can easily survive anywhere. The oriental roaches prefer the dirty atmosphere for the life. They reside inside the sewer lines, wet and moisture. You can easily spot them in the basement, sewer lines, crawlspaces and piles of leaves.

  • Is it dangerous?

Oriental roaches are probably the most harmful roaches. They can carry a large number of bacteria in your home or restaurant. They spend most of their time in the dirty places. Therefore, these insects can easily contaminate the healthy atmosphere of your house and commercial places. The researchers have found that oriental roaches can also carry allergy and asthma causing bacteria with them. It can easily harm your kids and pets by infecting them. So, you should plan to exterminate them as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

How to know roaches are living in your property?

roach types

It should not be so tough for you to know that roaches are living in your property. You may not see them in the kitchen, bathroom and around the garbage during the initial days of roach infestation, but soon they will come out and wander around these areas. You should learn to recognize roach droppings to spot their dwellings. Roaches prepare their nests in the poky areas like furniture cracks, drains, wall cracks and near damp and moisturized areas. You should monitor these places to find roaches and their nests.

Do you need different plans to exterminate different type’s roaches?

Hence, there are four different types of roaches and their habits are different, people may presume that different methods would be required to get rid of roaches. Such presumptions are wrong because you can kill any type’s roach by applying the best roach killing method. There is no need to search for specific roach killers. There are many people around the world, who spread boric acid to kill the roaches. Boric acid is quite harmful for roaches and it doesn’t affect too much to the pets. So, stick to the basic plan and get rid of roaches.

Do cockroaches bite humans?

There are many insects that bite humans. Not many people talk about roach bites, but these insects also bite. These insects are omnivores. They eat both organic and non-organic things. Cockroaches have spotted by eating human flesh and that’s why you should not consider them less harmful to you. Some roaches have also been recorded to eat the flesh of living humans. The roaches may bite you around the fingernails, feet, eyelashes and hands. The roach bite may cause lesions and swelling, irritation and some common skin issues. Sometimes the minor wound infection may also occur due to roach bites.

When the roaches are most likely to bite humans?

Roaches may not bite living humans until their population is out of control. Areas, where the population of roaches is quite large and there is not enough food for them, then they may bite humans. All types of roaches can bite humans, if there is no food for them. People, who do not take cockroach infestation as a serious problem, they become easy targets for the roaches. You should never let their population cross a limit and timely call the pest management service to exterminate the roaches.

How to prevent roach bites?

It is very simple to prevent roach bites. All you need to do is create a plan for roach extermination. You can follow a few easy steps to kill the roaches. Those steps are:

  • Spot their nests:

The best way of removing roaches out is removing their nests. Cockroaches can hide in the pokey areas. They can create nests there, if they find moisture and warmth there. You should thoroughly check all the furnitures, sink pipes, flush the soapy water in the drains and clean the kitchen cabinets to spot roach nests and remove them.

  • Spray a high-quality roach killer:

Many renowned pesticide manufacturing firms produce roach killers. You should buy a high-quality roach killer to spray it around the walkways of roaches. You should also spray it around the drain openings, sink and other cracks in your house to kill the roaches.

  • Clean the property on a daily basis:

Roach infestation occurs due to clutter and pollution around the property. You can prevent roach infestation by cleaning your property on a daily basis.

Follow these techniques to get rid of roaches and prevent roach infestation for a long time.