Water bug vs cockroach

The bugs are really a big problem these days. There can be a complete nuisance in your house if you are having this problem. These nasty insects can ruin all your houses. The roach droppings and the nasty look of these bugs are something that you cannot stand. It is very important that you must get rid of all of them so that there can be no problem at all.

These bugs can cause a lot of health issues and thus they need to be eliminated at any cost. But before eliminating them, you must be clear that what is that you are dealing with. There are two main types of bugs that you will come across in your house. The one is Cockroach, and the other is the Water bug.

How to identify the both?

The identification of both the bugs is very important you must be knowing what you are dealing with. If you are to eliminate or get rid of these bugs, then you must know which of them is in your house. You cannot fight the enemy whom you do not know. And this enemy has infiltrated all the attics, washrooms, sinks and kitchens of your house.

Thus, you must know what they are and why they are? Here are some simple ways in which you can know whether you are having a cockroach problem or the Water bug problem. Following are the questions that you must ask yourself when you want to know the difference of Water bug vs cockroach.

Aquatic or non-aquatic?

The habitat of the bugs is different. They live in different sort of places, and thus you can identify the both by the area they are living in. The cockroach cannot live in water. It lives in damp and cold places, but it cannot survive in water. If the bug you are dealing with is not overly fond of water, then it is cockroach you have to fight with.

At the same time if you have a similar bug swimming in the water, then you must be very clear that you are having a Water bug problem.

Where are they found?

The cockroaches like to live in wet and damp areas, a place where there is little sunlight or no sunlight. This is why they prefer to live inside the house. If you have found the bug living in your store or the kitchen, then they are strong chances that you are dealing with a cockroach problem. On the contrary, the Water bugs like to live in the water, and thus they want to live outside where they can find ponds and muddy water.

waterbug vs cockroach

Thus, if you have found a bug in such a place, then the bug is nothing but the Water bug itself. This is quite an impressive way to know what you are dealing with, as it is quite a nice and simple way. More than that the result is binary. Either the bug is living inside or outside, so there is going to be no problem in identifying the bug.


There is a significant difference in the shape and color of the bugs. You can easily identify them. If you have found a little bug that has dark black or dark brown color, then it is a Water bug. The Water bug has also padded legs that are very different from the cockroaches. The cockroaches have kind of a light brown and orange with no padded legs. It is easier to know the bugs by their color because that is the one thing that you can easily decide.

How to exterminate the Water bug?

The extermination of the bugs is quite important. If you are having this issue, then you are in real problem. Many health issues are caused by cockroach bites and these bugs, and you have to be sure that you are using the best way possible to get rid of the situation. There are different ways of exterminating the both.

Here is the brief summary of what you must do to get rid of the situation. One thing that must be remembered that this can be quite a cumbersome process that may require a week to complete but you must remain passionate as it is very important.

Kill the residence

The first that you must do is to deprive the bugs of their residence. As you know that the cockroaches are most likely to be found in your storerooms and the kitchens or the bathrooms, you have to kill them at their residence. You must also make their stay there a complete mess. They chose this place because it is wet and damp.

giant water bugYou must clean the area completely and then try to keep in warm and dry if possible. The Water bugs, on the other hand, love to stay in the water. You must make sure that there is no standing water in your house, inside or outside.

Clean the house

One thing that the cockroaches love the most is the food. They do not attack the fresh food, but the nasty rotten food that is on your dishes or the dustbins. You must keep your dishes clean and make sure that there is no rotten food in your house. The dishes must be in order, and you must keep them in a proper place.

The Water bugs are fond of the water and especially standing muddy water. They actually feed on the algae and bacteria that is found in the water. Thus, you must make sure that there is no standing water in your house. Clean everything. One thing that you must do is to make a proper drainage system for the rain water.

The rain water is the main reason why the Water bug situation happens. The rain water does not drain, and in the result, it gets converted into stinky and smelly water. This is the perfect place for the Water bugs to grow. You must be having the complete strategy and drainage experts to deal with the situation.

Hire an expert

One thing that you must keep in mind is that these cockroaches and Water bugs are not that easy to exterminate. They have roots in all the areas of your house. They keep coming back again and again, and you cannot stay safe from them on your own. Thus, you must hire a professional that can do it for you.

The expert will have the medicines and the bug traps that will do the work. The powerful and lethal medicines are quite an option, and you can use them to exterminate the bugs with ease. But their usage by a common man is dangerous, thus you must hire a professional to do that for you.


Now you have identified the bugs and have exterminated them. Now comes the time to make sure that they do not come back. It is very important because these bugs keep coming again and again. So you must have the plan through which you can stop them from getting back in your house.

These techniques are once again a bit cumbersome, so you must be passionate to do this. You must realize the importance of the situation as these bugs can cause you so much harm. Here are some steps that you can use to prevent the Water bugs and roaches to come back.

Keep the area clean

It is a way of extermination as well as the prevention. If you do not want the bugs in your house, then, for cockroaches, you must keep your house clean and warm at all times. The dishes must be timely washed, and you must make sure that you have not left any food to rot. For the Water bugs, you need to ensure that there is no water on your property and you must keep inspecting and cleaning the water after regular intervals.

Keep using the medicines and the bug traps

The medicines are very important to stop the cockroaches and the Water bugs. You must be having the medicines for the killing of both. Your store room and the kitchens must be filled with them, and all the other places like attics and washrooms must have the medicine too, so that the bugs have no chance of getting into the place.

The water in the swimming pools and other water reservoirs must also be checked and medicated if possible so that the Water bug has no chance of coming.

Seal your house openings and holes

There are times when your house has holes and openings from where the cockroaches and Water bugs can come in. You must identify all these holes and the areas and then seal them at the earliest. It can be really hard for you to find all of them, but it’s worth it. If you do not want to see this nasty species in your house again, then there are certain consequences of that.

The doors and windows must be re-shaped. You must make sure that they are no openings in them from where these bugs can come in. Many times there are spaces under the doors from where they come it. These spaces must be filled.