What Kills Termites? We Have The Answer!

Termites are necessary to Earth’s ecology since they recycle vast amounts of wood as well as other organic material, improve land conditions and supply a source of nutrition to many other creatures. Termites dwell and operate in colonies and their numbers could range from several hundred to as much as 2,000,000, so what kills termites exactly?

A good number of termite colonies also have at least one primary queen that lays offspring and two additional queens that should take her place in the event of her death. There is a possibility that a termite infestation numbering in the millions can damage a property owner’s home and/or place of business and then it is time to ask this question what kills termites?

kill termites

Farmers also have to watch out for termites since they have been known to destroy their crops. Here are some of the most effective ways on how to eradicate termites completely. Eliminating these wood-eating insects is challenging because the only way to stop a termite infestation is by completely wiping out the colony.

Termites have many natural predators and they include insects and creatures such as spiders, ants, frogs, reptiles, beetles and flies. Releasing natural predators against termite colonies could kill termites or severely reduce their numbers.

Nematodes are parasites that are not harmful to humans but have the ability to make termites very ill right before killing them off. Using a chemical substance to eliminate a termite colony is very effective but it must be done in the right way to get the best results. Experienced professionals should be used when applying chemical solutions in order to reduce harm to other people, animals, and the environment.

One of the common chemicals used to eliminate termites is Hexaflumuron

This chemical prevents the termite’s ability to shed its outer shell or skeleton to stop it from growing. Once termites find the baiting stations, they leave chemical traces that inform their fellow termites where the food source is located. After which, other termites infest the same chemicals.
kill termites

Termite traps can also be utilized for catching and eliminating termites. Traps and baits come in many different forms but their main purpose is to attract termites to a wooden substance.

This substance can contain some type of pesticides that kill termites at the source or allow them to take the poison back to the colony in order to destroy their home. Some pest control specialist recommends the use of boric acid and anti-freeze, and more importantly as soon as you spot termite droppings consider asking yourself question what kills termites?

This solution can be mixed and poured into infected areas or it can be poured down holes and an opening where termites live. Boric acid is also effective enough to eliminate a colony if a person decides to only use this substance.

Fumigation is another method for eliminating termites but it generally works on dry wood species of termites. Out of 4000 different types of termites, only 400 species are known to consume dead organic matter. Fumigation will not work on many of these pests.
This method involves releasing vikane or methyl bromide gasses throughout the home.

Once the gas is pumped into the house it must stay in there long enough to seep into the wood. This procedure can only be performed by licensed professionals who are able to legally apply this type of method. Uses a steam cleaner for maximum benefit- Heated environments are one of the termites biggest weaknesses in that they cannot survive for long in harsh surroundings.

Knowing this, you can use this to your advantage by simply making use of a steam cleaner in literally every part of your room to destroy any of these critters that may still be alive. Or in case you detect termite poop‘s protect yourself with our guide just in case.

what kills termites

Hiring a professional service can also workout effectively when it comes to termites extermination but you can easily do this yourself if the problem is small. For best results, use a vacuum, a steam cleaner, and bed bugs spray together to quickly eliminate the infestation problem.

Always keep these factors in mind when it comes to termites extermination. Termites are a nuisance that you must get out of your house at any and all cost, and the cost of waiting can be higher than you expect, so it is important to start asking everyone around and in the internet what kills termites.

To avoid that harsh reality, it is best to simply pick up one of most effective measures from the above-mentioned methods and take care of the problem completely.